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We as a nation have become really good at punishing casual racism. You know, using the N-word or saying overtly cruel things about black people in the presence of a recording device. Robert Copeland, an 82-year-old town police commissioner in New Hampshire, resigned this week after he unapologetically described President Barack Obama as the N-word. […]

This Memorial Day, let’s also remember “The Obama Crisis Response Template.” 1: Express surprise that your policy (Fast and Furious gunrunning, IRS targeting conservative groups, Benghazi gunrunning to Al Qaeda in Syria, Obamacare policies gouging Americans, canceling their good policies and denying them their doctors and hospitals, watching veterans die while Veterans Administration officials put […]

The Supreme Court struck down Obamacare’s mandatory Medicaid expansion as an unconstitutional commandeering of the states, setting off bruising battles over the issue in state capitals. No place has been more brutal than Maine, where a liberal attack group actually sent out a mail piece criticizing Dale Crafts, a wheelchair-bound state legislator, because he “failed […]

Tyrades! By Danny TyreeI auditioned, but I didn’t get the part.I’m speaking of 1978, when I was bitterly disappointed not to be chosen as graduation speaker for my high school class (Marshall County, Tennessee).  My script no longer exists, but I seem to recall it containing pearls of wisdom such as “Consider a life-long career […]

Behind the green curtain is where my world began to end. It was where my innocence was forever washed away in a porcelain pan filled with developer. Grainy images brought into strong relief on white paper that would become forever etched on my soul. It all began at the age of eight when my mother […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman There’s an old joke about a skunk who lifts his tail and, as bystanders hold their noses, says, “So do you!” Once again, Bush-era Republican maven Karl Rove has lifted his tail and altered the (ahem) atmospherics in America’s political room — while simultaneously conducting a new and old media […]

Exclusive Excerpt from: “Comical Sense: A Lone Humorist Takes on a World Gone Nutty!” by Tom Purcell By Tom Purcell Hurricane Isabel struck Washington, D.C. hard that night. It was Sept. 18, 2003. I lived in Alexandria, Va., at the time. I rode out the storm reading a book and enjoying a glass of wine. […]

President Obama is going to make me rich. That’s because the Obama administration, which has done everything in the government’s power to hamper economic growth, just loosened lending standards so that people with poor credit can buy homes.   Why not? It worked out well for some people the last time the government loosened lending […]

Raging Moderate by Will DurstIn order to function like a properly greased money machine, the GOP requires a chew toy. Something to snarl and wave and get a good growl on. Railing against easy-to-digest injustices is the perfect lubrication. Nuance – not their strong suit. This party calibrates with pitchforks and 55 gallon drums of […]

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott opposes universal pre-K, arguing that we should not spend tax dollars on unproven education methods. But earlier this month in rolling out the third plank of his education platform, he proposed doing even worse—spending more money on something we know doesn’t work: K12 Inc., the country’s largest online education company. […]