In George Orwell’s “1984,” the daily devotion for Oceania’s party members is to view a film illustrating the various crimes of their enemy. In the dystopian novel the target is Emmanuel Goldstein, a party turncoat. The film whips up comrades … Continue reading

President Obama came to my tiny home state of Delaware on Thursday with a “new” initiative to repair deteriorating infrastructure around the country (and to repair his declining polling numbers). His announcement was a channeling of Captain Obvious: there are … Continue reading

Do you have personal issues? Do you want to seem intelligent, well informed and on-top-of-it-all without having to bother to put in any effort or time to see whether your assertions are accurate? If so, then join the trend that’s … Continue reading

It was so brazen. Right there, over email, Lois Lerner warned her colleagues “Congress has asked for emails… so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails.” Then she asked whether the IRS’s instant messaging application was … Continue reading

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree Kudos to the nation’s newspaper editors for making a valiant effort to prepare us for the upcoming (July 28) 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. Fred Mertz got his “doughboy” uniform out … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Despite the media play Chicago gets, it isn’t the official “Murder Capital of the U.S.A.” That unhappy distinction — based on the murder rate per 100,000 people, not on the number of actual dead people … Continue reading

With Barack Obama’s approval ratings getting dragged down by a floundering foreign policy, we might miss one of his biggest successes in a place no one expected—Iran. Whether we extend the interim anti-nuke deal or reach a longer-term agreement to … Continue reading

Boy, our political debate is getting crasser by the moment. And so it is that the National Organization for Women has put the Little Sisters of the Poor, an international congregation of Roman Catholic nuns who have devoted their lives … Continue reading

“The number of illegal immigrants apprehended at the border in the past nine months is more than double last year’s total.” This is the crux of the crisis we are dealing with at our Southern border right now. A seemingly endless … Continue reading

Here’s what the White House offers Americans as its solution to the border crisis solution: delay, deceit, deception and duplicity. Add brinksmanship for good measure. Then, as if double-dealing from its own government isn’t bad enough, Americans had their noses … Continue reading

Over the past several weeks we have seen a significant increase in illegal immigration, as thousands of unaccompanied minors pour across what seems an invisible southern border into the United States. The mass immigration has, as to be expected, put … Continue reading

Raging Moderate by Will Durst Plenty of people had good reason to be in a foul mood back in 2012. The Detroit Tigers. Members of the Romney family. And, after making the acquaintance of a windy lass named Sandy, most … Continue reading

Before we move onto the next crisis, let’s get one thing straight about what’s happening on the Texas border. This is not Barack Obama’s Katrina moment. This is everyone’s Katrina moment. I do not relish criticizing Obama. I have defended … Continue reading

In September of 2011, a franchise of the Occupy Wall Street movement, set up camp on the steps of Los Angeles’ iconic City Hall. The encampment was lauded by celebrities like Bill Maher and Tom Morello and embraced by politicians … Continue reading

President Obama needs $4 billion right now to fix this “unexpected” flood of illegal immigrant children into the U.S.! Network news anchors and reporters breathlessly describe the humanity of thousands of Central American children warehoused like so much imported commodities, … Continue reading

Independent’s Eye by Joe GandelmanDEAR COLUMNIST:I have written you before. I am now 10 years old. Some of my little friends say America’s political center is on the verge of collapsing, is now meaningless, and that moderates and independents no … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Here’s a modest proposal for solving the “Children’s Invasion” on our southwestern borders. Next time a planeload of “unaccompanied alien children” from Honduras or Guatemala is being dispersed to their relatives in the U.S., the … Continue reading

Texas has such a business-friendly regulatory environment that it can best be described as “free range.” Recently a Democratic lawmaker gently suggested making it illegal to store dangerous chemicals in flammable buildings, and Republicans jumped to defend the exploding fertilizer … Continue reading

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree Did you greet the news with horror, stoic resignation or yawns? I speak of the Gallup Poll (conducted between June 5 and 8) that reveals confidence in the presidency at the lowest point since the financial … Continue reading

We are in the middle of a humanitarian crisis in the United States. There are thousands of illegal immigrant children who have crossed our southern border and are inside of these United States. Now the Obama Administration and this nation … Continue reading