By David Bossie This week, President Obama unveiled his budget for fiscal year 2016, which in Washington begins October 1, 2015. Like every Obama budget before it, this year’s offering is crammed full of every tax-and-spend liberal policy you can … Continue reading

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman And so another Republican politician, once viewed as a thoughtful leader and having national political potential, proves to be anything but. Is ivy leaguer Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal symbolic of what will make his party … Continue reading

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Raging Moderate by Will Durst And now for a few choice words concerning my recent demotion to the status of second-class citizen. The amazing thing is how quickly my metamorphosis into Cockroachlandia occurred. One minute, I’m walking around like an … Continue reading

Women have long been annoyed that they do more housework than men, as demonstrated by many studies, but now they are really steamed. Last December, The New York Times reported on a regrettable trend. The number of men between the … Continue reading

What would happen if we ran Texas like a business? A big chunk of our core revenue stream—oil & gas taxes—is suddenly on shaking ground. Do you hand out shareholder dividends (tax cuts), reinvest cash reserves for unmet needs (funding … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Bill Maher called Chris Kyle of “American Sniper” a “psychopath patriot.” Michael Moore called military snipers “cowards” who shoot people in the back. Howard Dean said “American Sniper” appeals mostly to angry Tea Party types. … Continue reading

We’re opening up advertising opportunities on to Gold level Publisher accounts. Learn more and find out how to promote your business or website through Continue reading

A cyber attack altered your holiday movie choices last year. Sony Pictures was the victim of a massive security breach. Personal emails were revealed, films pirated and employee data leaked. The corporation immediately kowtowed to the terrorists, rumored to be … Continue reading

If this is the best liberals can do to disparage Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator has a great chance of being our next President. Adam Estes at fired off a salvo that simply begs a little asterisking.** Estes writes: … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan I didn’t watch the State of the Union address Tuesday night. Instead I sat with my lovely wife, had a glass of wine and played with the dogs. But let me guess how it went. … Continue reading

For decades conservatives have advocated scaling back the role of the federal government in transportation, yet the federal gas tax that was supposed to end in 1969 is still hanging around 46 years later. Fortunately, there is a feature of … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan I’m not a huge fan of John Boehner. But now that he has both houses of Congress to work with, let’s give him a chance to move the Republican offense down the field to the … Continue reading

On Wednesday, a group of thugs broke into the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and brutally massacred 12 people, including cartoonists, journalists and security officers. It was an attack on free speech. It was an attack on … Continue reading

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree If you get your jollies from graphs, statistics and reasoned arguments, I suggest you Google the USA Today article “Dilemma over deductibles: Costs crippling middle class.” On the other hand, if you prefer snarky comments that … Continue reading

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman Good-bye and good-riddance to 2014. As we move into 2015, what can we learn from how 2014 ended and how we’re now “trending” in various areas? Here are a few items to watch: Look for … Continue reading

Pope Francis recently praised the benefits of big families — that a big family teaches children selflessness and sharing, which benefits the whole of society — and I couldn’t agree more. I was raised as an only boy with five … Continue reading

The House is set to vote on the Keystone XL pipeline as their first order of business in the new Congress — and this time the newly-elected Senate is expected to have enough votes to break the anti-energy filibuster led … Continue reading

There are those who love Uber’s surge pricing because it reflects the law of supply and demand. While some complain about paying hundreds of dollars for what would otherwise have been an ordinary cab fare, defenders counter that charging much, … Continue reading

What happens when the dog catches the car? Now that the Republicans control the Senate, will they continue to be the party of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories? It’s no mystery how they got here. As Robert Draper documented in his criminally … Continue reading