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I was a huge fan of the E Street Band. I say was because with the death of Clarence, it’s over.

Is 2012 shaping up as yet another year when liberal Democrats will teach their party “a lesson,” sit on their hands and help elect a Republican President?

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman has entered the crowded field of Republicans seeking to oust President Obama, saying that America needs “more than hope” as he formally announced his candidacy today. No cartoonist knows Huntsman better than our man in Utah, Pat Bagley, the brilliant long-time staffer at the Salt Lake Tribune. Bagley is a […]

President Obama was swept in to office on promises of hope, change, and a new way of doing business in Washington.  That new way of doing business is proving to be anything but.  Rather than following through on pledges of reform and transparency the Obama Administration is going to great lengths to reward special interests, […]

I’m wary about the idea, but you never know. President Obama has issued an executive order to “promote economic prosperity in rural America” — just as I am about to move back to my country home just outside Pittsburgh, which I have rented out for more than a decade. As it goes, rural America has […]

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. My dad, Robert Wayne Englehart Sr., is 89 years old and still beating me at golf.

Raging Moderate by Will Durst CNN hosted the first GOP debate of the year that involved actual candidates, and some clear winners did emerge — the 99.99 percent of the American people who neglected to watch it. But for the 16 of us who did, the strategy of the combatants was more obvious than a […]

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I have to ask the Republicans what’s wrong with being the steering wheel?

Weiner’s resignation, Obama’s “focus” on jobs and Newt Gingrich’s epic campaign implosion… you won’t want to miss these cartoons!