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It is going to be a long hot summer as Congress and the Obama Administration debate how best to bring down America’s $14 trillion debt.  Our crushing debt is as much a national security threat as it is an economic disaster.  Many nations own our enormous amounts of debt, some of these entities are nefarious […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree According to Newsmax, Republican-controlled state legislatures nationwide are stiffening voting laws with changes that include requiring valid photo identification, restricting early voting and imposing stricter rules on those who can register to vote. Republicans assert that the changes are to ensure voters are qualified. Democrats counter that the changes are politically […]

The rich don’t create jobs. The bottom 80% of Americans have 15% of the net worth, and the top 1% has 35% of the net worth in what is still the richest country on earth. So, when I say “rich” – I mean really really rich. “The rich create jobs” is a well-worn catch phrase […]

With a debt vote taking place in the House of Representatives later today, the debate over America’s unsustainable $14 trillion national debt is sure to intensify.  The clean debt vote – a straight up or down vote on whether to raise the debt ceiling without any spending cuts, as President Obama called for at first […]

I had to put my newspaper down the other day after reading an article about six brave soldiers who recently joined the ranks of the “forever young” after an improvised explosive device went off in Afghanistan May 26, 2011. It’s been a long ten years. War is not for the fainthearted, nor is it for […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman Ever hear about the cup being half full? Two incidents give hope that there are limits on the power of ideology-based journalism and that humanity transcends the country’s increasingly uncivil talk radio political culture. The first involved Gabriel Sherman’s New York magazine cover story on Fox News maven Roger Ailes. […]

Ah, Memorial Day. I know what that means. Summer has arrived, which means the wife and I won’t be taking any vacations again!” “Ah, yes, you speak of a spate of stories on the subject. CNN reports that ‘not only do American workers get less vacation time than workers in other industrialized countries, but they […]

Oprah Winfrey ended her popular talk show last week after 25 years, outlasting Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse Rafael, Jerry Springer and nearly every other daytime TV challenger to come along. The nation’s cartoonists have drawn lots of great cartoons about Oprah over the years. Come check out our best in our new Oprah Legacy cartoon […]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst Forget the almanac. And the calendar. Forget whatever the weatherman or the newspaper or the next-door neighbor with the hair growing out of a mole shaped like the state of Delaware on his nose told you. The true worm-hole opening to summer is not the upcoming solstice on June 21; […]

We just posted our big Week in Review slideshow, with cartoons on the terrible tornados that struck the Midwest, The (non) Rapture and Obama’s attempt to restart peace negotiations in the Middle East. Click here to view our Week in Review cartoon slideshow