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Making Sense by Michael Reagan The current furor over the national budget is ample proof of the fact that federal budgets should be completed in time and based on reality, and not based on welfare-state politics. Instead, Congress keeps kicking the can down the road by enacting so-called CRs (Continuing Resolutions) that have become nothing […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree A disclaimer: I missed out on my own high school prom back in 1978, so you may dismiss this column as sour grapes; but I felt compelled to comment on the dark underbelly of this pervasive phenomenon. The traditional pre-prom photos snapped by parents are particularly troubling, producing toxic results that […]

Sometimes I wonder if Fox News will let Glenn Beck say any crazy thing he wants – but with Fox’s decision to give Glenn Beck the boot, I guess the answer is a resounding no. Plagued by sinking ratings and an advertising boycott, Fox announced that Beck would lose his show later this year. This […]

When I saw the news about the Southwest Airlines airplane and the hole in its roof, I knew it would be good for a cartoon. I had one idea of a passenger, a guy maybe, with his head sticking out of the hole and a cigarette in his mouth saying, “Finally, a place to smoke,” […]

If we really care about our children’s future, now is the time for Americans on both sides of the aisle to cast aside their political aspirations long enough to carry on an adult conversation about debt reduction and spending cuts. Now is also the time to remind ourselves why Washington is still discussing the 2011 […]

Here’s my new cartoon about protesters in Afghanistan fighting and killing because some dumb, bigoted pastor in Florida decided to burn a Koran for some publicity. The whole situation reminds me of the protests and violence following the Danish Cartooning Controversy that occurred back in 2005, when 12 editorial cartoonists were commissioned by the Danish […]

Oh dear, I haven’t been good about posting my most recent cartoons – here they are.  This is my annual cartoon about tax time … This one is about the NATO bombing/no-fly-zone in Libya … Here’s one on the Republican union bashing. ..and the looming government shutdown … This is a local cartoon about our […]

Republicans will tell you they’re the sole Constitutional purists in the country; they worship the document more/better than you do. But imagine if the First Amendment had to be voted on today. It would need two-thirds majority in both Houses just to be proposed. Consider it: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of […]

It was the ugliest looking championship basketball game in history, but the right team won, so who cares. We know most of the first names of the Uconn men’s team because we’ve been following all season, but some of the names are less…

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman President Barack Obama in the biggest “Duh!” this side of Charlie Sheen announced he’s going to run for re-election. The conventional wisdom: he’s in better shape going into 2011 than the Republicans. Is the conventional wisdom correct? Is it wrong? If you consider where Barack Obama is politically, and where […]