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Weiner’s resignation, Obama’s “focus” on jobs and Newt Gingrich’s epic campaign implosion… you won’t want to miss these cartoons!

Republicans shall not ever speak ill of their fellow Republicans… they’ll speak ill of Barack Obama.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich said he could explain the problems with our economy in a little over two minutes. But who knew he would also draw cartoons to boot.  

Alabama, where illegal immigration has increase by 325 percent over the last decade, passed legislation requiring the use of E-Verify by all state employers.

Monday’s GOP presidential debate exposed CNN’s losing campaign to refine the quadrennial format.

To all the wonderful Fathers our there, this cartoon collection is for you.

We see them all the time, the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey, but who invented these symbols for the two major parties in the United States?

My father worked hard to support six children — to send us to private school, contribute to our college costs and pay for all five of his daughters’ weddings.

New NCAA President Mark Emmert is wrestling with booster demands for using part of TV revenues to provide expense money for athletes.

If we wanted a somber and serious Edward R. Murrow, we’d get Edward R. Murrow. Instead, we want TMZ.