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For those of you living outside Connecticut, State Senator Edith Prague, 85, said this about a man about to go on trial for his alleged part in a crime involving rape and a triple homicide: “They should bypass the trial and take that second animal and hang him by his penis from a tree out […]

Our national debt surpassed $14.294 trillion today, breaking through the debt ceiling set forth by Congress. How America got to this point is crystallized in the Obama Administration’s own Fiscal Year 2012 budget. It was released just three months ago and, despite our country being knee deep in an enormous fiscal crisis, does not mention […]

“The wife and I have a plan to survive this lousy economy. We’re breaking out our bell bottoms.” “Ah, yes, you refer to a recent article in the Financial Times by Spencer Jakab. He writes about a growing fear that America may relive the ’70s.” “That’s right. Slow growth, high unemployment, high inflation – ‘stagflation’ […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman It’s a cliché but fitting: Mitt Romney don’t get no respect. The GOP “front runner” in the race that has no front-runner also gets little love, sparks little enthusiasm and is being seen as a flip-flopping politician by many conservatives, liberals, moderates, once-admiring RINOs and the news media. At least […]

Unhappy with the current crop of GOP presidential choices, a group of Iowa’s top Republican campaign contributors are heading to New Jersey this week to try and bend Chris Christie’s arm back to run for the party’s 2012 nomination. I guess Newt Gingrich isn’t exciting enough for them. Christie has repeatedly and emphatically said no […]

Will gas at the pump costing most Americans $4 a gallon, it’s hard to be sympathetic for “big oil.” Yet that’s what it seems like Republicans and the C.E.O.’s of these companies want, as they attempt to make the case against a Democratic proposal to remove $2 billion in tax breaks to these extremely profitable […]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst Out of elective politics for over a decade, dithering on the sidelines like a moody Southern-fried Hamlet, Newt Gingrich jumped back into the ring announcing plans to run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. And for every analyst and every pundit and every satirist everywhere, allow me to say: Hooray! […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree “It is better to look good than to feel good.” – Billy Crystal as Fernando on “Saturday Night Live.” According to the Associated Press, New York is mulling whether to become the first state to ban indoor tanning for all minors. (Currently, the Empire State allows teens ages 14-17 to tan […]

Great to have ol’ Newty back. I saw him on Hannity the other night. Yes, I occasionally watch Faux Cable News. I’ll watch it until my B.S. detector goes off, so most of the time I’m not there for long, but I wanted to see how that so-called “news” channel presented the latest Republican candidate. […]

Has a “blame America first” attitude prevented our children from learning the true history of America? Well, Mike Huckabee is here to save the day! Huckabee has founded, where for $15 the company will send you a new animated tale of American history each month, told through the eyes of a gang of time-traveling […]