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President Obama and his family touched down Saturday in Brazil as part of a five-day South American trip intended to focus on jobs. Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff, like most international cartoonists, thinks Obama is more interested in oil than anything else.  Greedy, oil-thirsty, domineering American presidents are an enduring, international theme.  Sometimes it is good to […]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst America dodged the immediate damage of the killer tsunami, but a potentially more dangerous phenomenon threatens to wash across our nation. The new political paradigm — concrete intransigency. No quarter asked for — no quarter given. Us versus Them, and Us is me. And whoever likes me at the time. […]

There was plenty of passionate poppycock on the House floor Thursday, as members debated the Republicans’ “emergency” bill to eliminate funding for National Public Radio. Although the bill passed, as did a proposal last month to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, neither measure will advance beyond the House chamber. And while most of the […]

Here is the core of the Republican Party today: anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti- immigration and anti-labor union. Anything else they claim is B. S. and their typical brand of hypocrisy. They say they want smaller government, but under their rule, the size of government exploded. They say they want a smaller deficit, but they put […]

Denver Post and Cagle Cartoons cartoonist Mike Keefe has been named the winner of the 2011 John Fischetti Editorial Cartoon Competition. Keefe’s winning cartoon pokes fun at legislation enacted by Arizona last year, the “broadest and strictest in the nation” to curb illegal immigration, according to The New York Times. The cartoon depicts two public […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree A 2010 study by the Association For Pet Obesity Prevention says half the nation’s dogs and cats are overweight, and 20 percent are downright obese. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has danced to the Billboard hit “Who Let The Dogs’ (Waistband) Out?” These findings are alarming because, […]

When a natural disaster occurs with as much force and power as the earthquake and tsunami that recent struck Japan, a cartoonist is often faced with the challenge of tying to be thoughtful without abandoning his or her own originality.  I wanted to avoid Japanese flags, Godzilla and references to World War II (see my […]

\r\n For all you conservative Republicans who think the universe is only 6,000 years old and humans rode dinosaurs to work, you missed a good discussion on NPR the other day. There was a debate between a nuclear power advocate and an anti…

The Nation, an English-language newspaper from Thailand, issued an apology today for a cartoon they published following an earthquake that sent destructive waves onto Japan’s coast. The cartoon, drawn by The Nation’s editorial cartoonist Stephen Peray (who goes by the pen name “Sherff”), featured the Grim Reaper as a sumo wrestler surfing on the wave […]

This week marks the eighth anniversary of the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In liberating the Iraqi people from a cruel and sadistic regime that had the means and desire to commit mass genocide, used biological weapons against its own people, and offered aid and safe harbor for terrorists, the United States Military made us […]