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Making Sense by Michael Reagan Republicans acted on the message voters sent in the 2010 congressional elections when they elected more than enough members of the House to control that body; they tackled the scandal of out-of-control spending and the voters responded. So far they have shoved a poison pill down the throats of spending-happy […]

Today, Barack Obama gave a speech detailing his approach to deficit reduction, offering a contrast to the “Path of Prosperty” that Congressman Paul Ryan proposed last month. Obama’s plan includes both cuts in military spending and tax increases for the wealthiest Americans (something the Republicans don’t seem to be able to stomach). Republicans seem more […]

One trip to the grocery store is enough to remind me that the recent uptick in the stock market has no bearing on the cost of living these days. And yet, Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke could suggest with a straight face to Congress that we are experiencing a “temporary and relatively modest increase in […]

As the Royal Wedding between Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29 nears, the world is fixated on every bit of news coming out of the event. From Victoria Beckham panicking over her wedding dress to the release of a Royal Wedding coin collection by the Australian mint, it seems we need to […]

We must love boisterous blowhards. As Americans, we are fixated on people who make loud, definitive declarations so we can stand behind them waving our oversized number-one foam-fingers chanting: “Go team! Win!” If you take away all the nebbishy number-crunching and bureaucracy – which is most of government – politics is all posturing and platitude […]

The thing that really galls me lately is that the Bush Gang are running around free and have never been punished for their crimes. The murder of thousands of American and Iraqui people is somehow ignored by the vast amount of the American public. The one consolation is that Bush and Cheney can’t really travel […]

As the recession drags on, more and more students are finding themselves in the middle of a rock and a hard place, leaving college with large amounts of student loan debt and entering into an economy that’s having a hard time creating jobs. What do cartoonists think of this pickle? Check out our Student Loan […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman Will the real Barack Obama please stand up? Last week’s budget melodrama that nearly led to a government shut down ended with this truth about Obama: neither his liberal base nor Republicans fear him. Both sides feel he is someone who eventually “caves.” The word “caves” is now as tiresome […]

Liberal Democrats, including President Barack Obama and Senators Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer, have long railed against the corruptive influence of money in politics.  This is a bit ironic considering what prolific fundraisers they have been.  President Obama raised $750 million for his 2008 campaign and is expected to raise $1 billion for his re-election […]

Boy, are accountants going through a rough patch now — even rougher than we taxpayers are. Despite software that has greatly simplified tax preparation, American accountants suffer a host of daily aggravations. They’re responsible for filing on behalf of some 82 million U.S. taxpayers and for understanding the U.S. tax code’s 5,600 incomprehensible pages, according […]