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Obituary cartoons are often among the most favored by readers, and most despised by cartoonists, more often than not involving the famous person at the pearly gates of heaven. There are lots of things to remember Elizabeth Taylor for. From her Oscars and iconic movie roles to her many, many husbands, even her relationship with […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree Publicity for upcoming movies starring Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Mighty Thor got me started thinking about the cover prices of the comic books from which such heroes sprang. Readers in the Great Depression got a 64-page comic for one thin dime. When I was the age of my son […]

Elizabeth Taylor was famous for having violet eyes, but were they truly that color? Pictures show her with both violet eyes and blue eyes. It turns out that violet eyes are commonly found in the high altitude regions of northern Kashmir. Who knew? Either way, her eyes were incredible.

Here’s my newest cartoon about Libya and its crazy leader, Moammar Gadhafi. The U.S. complains about being broke, and we’re already engaged in two separate wars that have cost billions, yet here we are once again leading the charge against a power-crazy despot unwilling to step down: People in foreign countries like to talk badly […]

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Ronald Reagan called him the “Mad Dog of the Middle East” and treated him as such, launching a bombing raid against his compound that purportedly killed a member of his family and scared Moammar Gadhafi silly, reining him in for 20 long years. As my father said then, Gadhafi has […]

The New York-based Harvard Maintenance Company advertises that it “sets the highest standard” in its industry which provides janitorial, custodial and security services. However, its standards apparently don’t include hiring legal workers. According to the Service Employees International Union, 240 Harvard Maintenance employees in Minnesota suspected of being illegal immigrants will be fired by the […]

If nothing else, the current operation in Libya confirms that the United States has overwhelming global superiority in coming up with bad names. Odyssey Dawn sounds like a porn star. I recall in my youth being intrigued by ads for the work of a stripper named Modesty Blaze, who I imagine took her name from […]

This week, AT&T announced its plans to buy their competitor T-Mobile. Now it’s up to regulators to approve the merger. Politicians pandering to the Tea Party love to talk about a free market. It sounds sexy. It sounds like wealth and freedom got married and had a perfect concept. If capitalism is a religion ““ […]

I decided to dust off the old god of war, Mars, for this cartoon. The legendary editorial cartoonist Herblock used him all the time back in the day. Always fun to bring back some old symbols. So, President Obama takes his sweet time in deciding whether to bomb Libya and his critics go nuts. This […]

Dogs are interesting creatures. This morning while on a walk, one of my dogs broke away from our pack and into the yard of a dog obviously defending her boundaries. After a momentary altercation, tuck-tailed, my dog willingly rejoined our pack – ego broken but a bit wiser “because he not only learned his place, […]