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If nothing else, the current operation in Libya confirms that the United States has overwhelming global superiority in coming up with bad names. Odyssey Dawn sounds like a porn star. I recall in my youth being intrigued by ads for the work of a stripper named Modesty Blaze, who I imagine took her name from […]

This week, AT&T announced its plans to buy their competitor T-Mobile. Now it’s up to regulators to approve the merger. Politicians pandering to the Tea Party love to talk about a free market. It sounds sexy. It sounds like wealth and freedom got married and had a perfect concept. If capitalism is a religion ““ […]

I decided to dust off the old god of war, Mars, for this cartoon. The legendary editorial cartoonist Herblock used him all the time back in the day. Always fun to bring back some old symbols. So, President Obama takes his sweet time in deciding whether to bomb Libya and his critics go nuts. This […]

Dogs are interesting creatures. This morning while on a walk, one of my dogs broke away from our pack and into the yard of a dog obviously defending her boundaries. After a momentary altercation, tuck-tailed, my dog willingly rejoined our pack – ego broken but a bit wiser “because he not only learned his place, […]

There is a secret entitlement program that the Obama Administration does not want to talk about.  This entitlement program does not help those on Medicare or Medicaid, and it is not part of the Social Security system.  This entitlement program has one function: paying interest to foreign governments that bankroll our ever-growing $14 trillion national […]

I had just finished paying for some magazines at Hartford’s Bradley International Airport before heading back to San Diego when the cashier asked me: “Do you want some gum with that?” “No,” I told her.” “Some water?” “No.” “A newspaper? “ “No!” “How about a candy bar?” “No!! Just the magazines.” I went to my […]

Happy Birthday Twitter! Yesterday marked the social networking Web site’s 5th anniversary. That’s right, it was only back in 2006 that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey purchased Simon Oxley’s stock art Twitterbird image and launched what would become a global network where celebrities bicker, athletes vent and revolutionaries band together. At Cagle Cartoons, we’re big fans […]

Yesterday, news broke that four New York Times journalists in Libya were released six days after they were captured by pro-government forces while covering a rebel uprising in the country’s east. However, The Committee to Protect Journalists remains concerned about 13 other journalists who are either missing or are reportedly in Libyan government custody, including […]

Here we go again, throwing away money in another stupid war. Policeman to the world. USA! USA! USA!  I know this is supposed to be a United Nations action and I guess I’m suppose to feel good about it, but I don’t. I’m not even sure what our mission is. The generals say one thing […]

Well, Mr. Harry Reid, leader of the U.S. Senate majority, You’re plum wrong about federal-funded cowboy poetry. A few weeks back, you took to the Senate floor Deploring cuts to a cowboy-poetry festival you said would be no more. It exists through the benevolence of the federal government, you decried, Whose funding makes it bona […]