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Castro is out. For the first time since Cuba’s 1959 revolution, Fidel Castro was not included in the Communist Party’s leadership, and someone other than Fidel or Raúl has been name to the second-highest position in the Communist Party. We all knew this day would come, but it’s still shocking to reflect on the longevity […]

Americans used to buy savings bonds to support the war effort. These were securities liquidated after the war was over which ideally would spur an economic boom. During World War II, Defense Bonds, War Bonds and what was called Series E Savings Bonds offset the massive costs. The gush of liquidity after that war created […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman Donald Trump has jumped the barrier at the same time he has jumped the shark. He has gleefully embraced not just birtherism, but raised questions about Barack Obama’s education and whether or not Obama wrote his second book. The consequence? Trump is surging in Republican polls. He’s surging as Obama […]

Here are my most recent cartoons …

A hastily completed study by the FAA has resulted in new operational rules for the nation’s airports, where air-traffic controllers have been falling asleep in unprecedented numbers. Effective immediately, controllers working overnight shifts will no longer be allowed to watch any portion of CBS’s “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson. Hot tubs in control […]

Boy, school lunch sure has changed since I was a kid. The Chicago Tribune reports that a principal in a Chicago school forbids her students from bringing in their own lunches. She created the policy six years ago after watching students bring in “bottles of soda and flaming hot chips” for their lunches. By mandating […]

I’m very pleased to announce that Mike Keefe, who is syndicated by Cagle Cartoons and is a long-time staffer for The Denver Post,  is the winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, the highest award any member of the media can win. The Pulitzer judges said he was awarded the prize “for his […]

Today is Tax Day, and for many, this means finally getting around to finished your taxes, writing out that check to Uncle Sam and waiting in line at the Post Office to make sure you meet the all-important midnight deadline. Everyone hates paying taxes, but cartoonists despise them. If you have five minutes to take […]

I stumbled across something on the IRS Web site I never expected to see: quotations from great minds on taxes.

Raging Moderate, by Will Durst It’s way too early to sort out the winners and the losers in the big budget showdown on Capitol Hill the last couple weeks. They’re still extricating bodies from behind the hay bales of the Gunfight at the D.C. Corral, and will be for months. It’ll take even longer to […]