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Americans may be less safe today because the Obama administration made the decision to circumvent the Constitutional treaty ratification process by mandating that his administration would begin compliance with Article 75 of Additional Protocol I (API) to the 1949 Geneva Conventions “out of a sense of moral obligation.” API, an unsanctioned addition to the Geneva […]

In Citizens United v. FEC the Supreme Court rejected the idea that the government may determine whose speech is worthy of protection under the First Amendment.  As a result of the decision, individuals, small businesses, corporations, labor unions and non-profit organizations may all engage in political speech.  It is not the bailiwick of government bureaucrats […]

Abe Giles was a hat man. I’m a hat man. I once was a hat man as part of my official costume, but I auctioned my jute hat for a fundraiser for 9-11 memorial funds and now I just have my shiny bald head except when I need to be warm, support my teams, or […]

Get this: Rich folks aren’t feeling very rich. Reuters reports that a Fidelity Investments survey found 42 percent of more than 1,000 Americans who have at least $1 million in assets aren’t feeling very wealthy. They say they’d need to have at least $7.5 million to feel they’re well-to-do. As ridiculous as that may sound […]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst No one said being president was going to be easy. And no one was right. You get yelled at for doing things, and you get yelled at for not doing things. Often both times by the same people. Which is kind of like saying, “Even when you agree with us, […] is reporting that Geraldine Ferraro, the Democratic congresswoman who became the first woman on a major party presidential ticket as Walter Mondale’s running mate in 1984, died today at the age of 75. I’ve only ever drawn one political cartoon featuring Ferraro. Back in the 2008 election, she was a member of then-Senator Hillary […]

Last week, President Obama ordered the U.S. to begin a military offensive in Libya to establish a no-fly zone and protect civilians from being killed by crazy Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Now, Obama is facing scrutiny from both sides of the aisle who claim the mission goals are both hypocritical and vague. What do the […]

Here’s something cool from the video archives. It’s a 4-minute film test pilot of the popular comic strip “Wizard of Id” produced by Jim Henson, who also contributed the voice of the Wizard. Check out some of the backstory of the test pilot here.  

Every Friday, we collect the best political cartoons of the week and present them in one oversized slideshow for you to enjoy. This week, we saw a new offensive begin in Libya, celebrated the one year anniversary of Obamacare and witnessed the passing of a movie icon. Click here to view The Week in Political […]

It seems pretty obvious to me that prison inmates should not have access to gory, bloody novels, unless the state is trying to prove that words do, in fact, contribute to violent actions. Why, even the eminent expert on such matters, Sarah Palin, said they do in the video she posted on her website after […]