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The son of a friend is going to college in New Zealand on a rugby scholarship. The day before the earthquake, he went to the bank in Christchurch, drew out his money, and headed toward his uncle’s house which is five hours away. He can’t explain why he did it, but it turned out to […]

Making Sense by Michael Reagan The turmoil and shocking thuggery we are now witnessing in Madison, Wis. is at a level seldom seen in America in this era. School teachers, of all people, are setting bad examples for their students. Some engage in outright fraud, aided by medical doctors giving them phony diagnoses of nonexistent […]

Last week the Tea Party proved itself once and for all to be anti-populist. Now, I know their press says Tea Partiers are just regular Joe the Unlicensed Plumbers, angry about government fill-in-the-blank. That’s been the story ever since they first rallied against people who found themselves on the wrong end of an adjustable rate. […]

Well, Wisconsin, what did you expect? This is what happens when you elect a tea party toady governor. There are so many things I’m thankful for. I’m thankful I don’t live in Wisconsin. I’m thankful that conservative Republicans don’t dominate here in Connecticut and never will. I’m thankful the good, decent, educated citizens of Connecticut […]

Tunisia. Egypt. Yemen, Iran, Bahrain. Libya. Even Wisconsin. You look at the places pitch forked into the headlines and wonder if 2011 will be “Year of the Demonstration,” where angry protesters do political — or more violent battle — against their governments. And you have to conclude that political establishments will see what has happened […]

Thuggish, “community organizing” politics showed up in Wisconsin after Commander-in-Chief, President Obama, deployed his Organizing for America (OFA) troops to inject protestors into the Wisconsin budget debate Obama describes as an “assault on unions.” Obama is a smart man, so why would he choose to federalize a state issue and define Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s […]

Watson, an artificial intelligence program developed by IBM and eight universities including CMU, performed so well on “Jeopardy!,” his supporters urged him to run for president. I sat down with Watson to discuss the presidency and the challenges America faces. Purcell: You’ve gained massive fame in a very short time. Some feel you are exactly […]

Raging Moderate, by Will Durst This is but a snapshot. A frozen moment in time, guaranteed to transmogrify on an hourly basis. So, knowing the situation is fluid, here’s your daily budget update and if I were you, I’d find a nice comfy chair to plop down into, because this promises to be more frustrating […]

I had the pleasure of speaking with brilliant Spanish editorial cartoonist Jaume Capdevila, who goes by the pen name Kap (see more of Kap’s cartoons). Kap lives and works in Barcelona, and draws political cartoons for La Vanguardia and El Mundo Deportivo, among others. There are a bunch of great editorial cartoonists in Spain, and […]

The ongoing economic recovery in the nation’s financial sector isn’t reaching the rest of the economy, and as a result, unemployment remains high. What do the nation’s cartoonist think about our jobless recovery? Check out our latest cartoon slideshow to find out.