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Raging Moderate by Will Durst Once again, in terms of political theater, the president has managed to flummox both critics and angels alike. Reviews of his State of the Union address have been more mixed than a Kansas Cuisinart stuck in a tornado on puree. Notwithstanding the ritualistic 79 applause breaks by his Geek Chorus, […]

Here are some terrific cartoons about the protests taking place in Egypt by Emad Hajjaj, a Jordanian cartoonist that draws for the Alghad newspaper.

As Egyptians continue to protest and call for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, the government has responded by cracking down on the media and shutting down the nation’s internet. This crackdown hasn’t stopped Sherif Arafa, the cartoonist for the state-run Alittihad newspaper in Egypt (click here to view his cartoon archive), from filing new […]

More than any other media, cartoons have the ability to sum up important events into one single, powerful image, and tap into the collective mood of the country. Some perfect examples of this are a couple of cartoons drawn in light of today’s anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger disaster, which happened 25 years ago […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree I’ve heard stories of married couples getting into knock-down squabbles in public and – when a bystander tries to break things up – the spouses suddenly forming a tag team to beat up on the intruder. That’s similar to the situation we find ourselves in with the publication of Amy Chua’s […]

Making Sense by Michael Reagan President Obama’s State of the Union address said more about the state of his approach to governing than it did with the present condition of this nation under his governance. It was an uninterrupted march of platitude upon platitude, with nary a solution offered to any of the problems facing […]

Michele Bachmann for president. There’s a bumper sticker that should definitely make the Obama team feel more confident about retaining the White House in 2012. The Minnesota Congresswoman has just completed her third campaign trip to Iowa where she told reporters she’s weighing her options about a run for the presidency. Such a candidacy would […]

Red Carpet. Camera flashes. Black ties. Fine China. Hollywood celebrities. Colgate smiles. All the bells and whistles you’d expect for a visiting Head of State, albeit dictator, Hu Jintao. Sure, China has oppressed Tibet for decades and the rights of women even longer, but it’s hard to bite the hand that feeds you – especially […]

Did you know the government can’t create jobs? Nearly two years ago on CNN, former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said, “Not in the history of mankind has the government ever created jobs.” And then, “Trust me.” When Steele said those words, he was widely panned. It was dismissed on the right as a […]

Earlier this month at Washington, D.C.’s National Press Club the State Legislators for Legal Immigration, a coalition of legislators from 40 states, unveiled its strategy to end the policy of giving automatic citizenship to all children born in the United States regardless of their parents’ immigration status. Led by Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, the […]