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A recurrent cry among Republicans during their successful campaign to take control of the House of Representatives was for greater transparency in the workings of Congress. Frequently citing the closed-door process by which elements of the healthcare legislation were approved, newly elected members pledged to make their deliberations more open to public scrutiny. So it […]

The GOP wants to paint itself as fiscally conservative. In the face of all evidence to the contrary (i.e. George W. Bush skyrocketing the size of government and the unpaid tax cuts bearing his name being championed by his party), they want to pretend they’re the “grownups” on budgetary matters. Yes, conservatives are prudent and […]

\r\n Who? I know, if you didn’t watch the “60 Minutes” interview with this young Egyptian, you won’t know who I’m talking about, but mark my words, you’ll know soon enough, but first…..\r\n\r\nTwo Things. Thing one, there was great story in T…

We sure could use some more romance right about now — particularly among our younger people. I speak of the debate surrounding “Skins,” the latest provocative MTV show. It portrays teens indulging in illegal drugs, booze and “hooking up.” Many argue that the show elevates deviant behavior — that it will encourage highly impressionable teens […]

Here on we’re big fans of Arizona Republic cartoonist and Steve Benson. But one of his readers didn’t appreciate the following cartoon about George W. Bush’s canceled trip to Switzerland. Jacqueline J. Allen wrote into the paper, complaining that Benson “…has forgotten about 9/11 and what Bush authorized in order to keep the citizens […]

Flowers die, candy gets eaten, but cartoons last forever. So this year, why not share our collection of terrific Valentine’s Day cartoons with that special someone.   Click to view our Valentine’s Day cartoon collection.  

With Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepping down on Friday following weeks of demonstrations, protesters have rushed to the streets to celebrate. As opinion makes around the world weigh in on this important moment in history, and what comes next, let’s turn to cartoonists from all corners of the globe for their unique perspective on yesterday’s […]

Hosni Mubarak, the embattled president of Egypt for the last 30 years, finally succumbed to 18 days of protests against his rule and announced he would be stepping down. As the streets of Cairo erupt in celebration, the world’s cartoonists have begun to weigh in on this historical moment in history. Come check out their […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree Remember two or three decades ago when voters got fed up with “revolving-door” incarceration and “wrist-slap” punishments? The result was a massive wave of “three strikes” laws, “throw away the key” campaign speeches and prison construction. Well, the “Field of Dreams” approach (“Build it and they will come”) has turned into […]

Watching events unfold in Egypt, it’s easy to question what happened to this once seemingly pro-American oasis amidst a sea of Islamic fundamentalism. Just two years ago, a well-intentioned but inexperienced new president broadcast a speech from Cairo to the world ““ a speech that was translated into 13 languages, orchestrated by a live White […]