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The President finally made his case to the nation why we needed to establish a no-fly zone in Libya. Nearly everyone agrees that Gadhafi has to go, we just need to figure out the best way to do it without becoming entrenched in another long war. What do cartoonists think? Check out our Gadhafi’s Gotta […]

Making Sense, by Michael Reagan If President Obama’s address to the nation the other night was meant to keep the American people up-to-date on the situation in the Middle East, it missed its mark, leaving us in a state of confusion. For starters, the president implicitly limited America’s proven exceptionalism. We may be exceptional, he […]

The ravages of the economic downturn have left a series of empty storefronts in my neighborhood. They exist as specters of a former up-and-coming enclave of local businesses. Now they’re home to hurried graffiti, the occasional panhandler and once a year to tax accountants. Yes, the hallows of what used to be local retail gems […]

I love it when American presidents try to put a moralistic spin on a naked oil war, and that’s what this Libyan deal is. The reason NATO is involved and taking over the lead is because Europe gets a very large percentage of its oil from Libya. Of course they’d like a more stable leader […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman When one of Vice President Joe Biden’s staffers shut a Florida reporter in a closet-like room to keep him from talking to people attending a Democratic fundraiser, it symbolized how the media’s status has fallen. When Biden’s spokesperson tried to explain it by claiming the reporter was merely in a […]

Last week, an air traffic controller fell asleep in the middle of the night at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, forcing two airplanes to land without any guidance from the tower. Jeff Darcy, the staff cartoonist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer (click to view more of his cartoons), choose to highlight the ghost of Ronald […]

As the U.S. economy limps out of a devastating recession, home foreclosures continue to be a drain on economic growth. Some estimates show that as many as 5 million properties are over 60 days late on their mortgage payments. While you’re waiting for this latest flood of foreclosures to end, you might as well try […]

Americans may be less safe today because the Obama administration made the decision to circumvent the Constitutional treaty ratification process by mandating that his administration would begin compliance with Article 75 of Additional Protocol I (API) to the 1949 Geneva Conventions “out of a sense of moral obligation.” API, an unsanctioned addition to the Geneva […]

In Citizens United v. FEC the Supreme Court rejected the idea that the government may determine whose speech is worthy of protection under the First Amendment.  As a result of the decision, individuals, small businesses, corporations, labor unions and non-profit organizations may all engage in political speech.  It is not the bailiwick of government bureaucrats […]

Abe Giles was a hat man. I’m a hat man. I once was a hat man as part of my official costume, but I auctioned my jute hat for a fundraiser for 9-11 memorial funds and now I just have my shiny bald head except when I need to be warm, support my teams, or […]