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Raging Moderate, by Will Durst This is but a snapshot. A frozen moment in time, guaranteed to transmogrify on an hourly basis. So, knowing the situation is fluid, here’s your daily budget update and if I were you, I’d find a nice comfy chair to plop down into, because this promises to be more frustrating […]

I had the pleasure of speaking with brilliant Spanish editorial cartoonist Jaume Capdevila, who goes by the pen name Kap (see more of Kap’s cartoons). Kap lives and works in Barcelona, and draws political cartoons for La Vanguardia and El Mundo Deportivo, among others. There are a bunch of great editorial cartoonists in Spain, and […]

The ongoing economic recovery in the nation’s financial sector isn’t reaching the rest of the economy, and as a result, unemployment remains high. What do the nation’s cartoonist think about our jobless recovery? Check out our latest cartoon slideshow to find out.  

I’ve been following this controversy of Lawrence O’Donnell calling out a cartoon on Breitbart’s Web site as a “racist obscenity” because the cartoonist dared to draw Obama with big ears. There are two sides to this issue. Breitbart’s blog is atrocious and hardly deserving of the attention. Just looking back a couple of months at […]

OK, so far, so good with Governor Dan Malloy. He’s taking a pragmatic approach to balancing the state budget, up to, and including destroying the state labor unions. Sorry, I just listened to Noam Chomsky on National Public Radical, and boy, I don’t know what to make of him. According to Chomsky, the United States […]

A cartoon created by James Hudnall and Batton Lash that first appeared on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government Web site is making waves for depicting First Lady Michelle Obama as overweight and craving hamburgers. The cartoon, featured on the right, attempts to spoof the First Lady’s anti-obesity campaign by drawing her overweight and eating a plateful […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman New York, NY ““ During his pre-Tonight Show days of comedy, Jay Leno often used the line: “Do you know what sticks in my craw?” Then there was the late Rodney Dangerfield who’d say: “I don’t get no respect.” Many independent voters, independent voter activists (yes they most assuredly DO […]

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Welcome to three-card monte. That’s all that the Obama administration’s economic program amounts to — a sleazy con man’s card trick. The president didn’t even bother to pay any attention to the recommendations of his deficit reduction group, headed by former Sen. Alan Simpson. That would have required adhering to […]

Tyrades! By Danny TyreeHas your child’s science teacher ever been caught slumming at the zoo and proclaiming, “There but by the grace of natural selection go I”? If so, he’s in the minority. According to a national survey of 926 public high school biology teachers (published in Science magazine), only 28 percent of respondents unabashedly […]

I think the Republicans in Congress and the people who voted for them are are brain dead, so they need to eat the brains of Democrats and independents to survive. Yes, that’s right. They’re zombies. I’ll give Boehner this: he’s the living embodiment of conservative Republican thought: I got mine and I don’t care if […]