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We’re really proud of the December issue of Punchline! It’s filled to the gills with terrific cartoons, funny columns and all sorts of cool stuff. And you can read it now for FREE online!   Click here to read the entire December issue of Punchline. Don’t forget to enter our Cartoon Caption Contest. Come up […]

Come read the second issue of Punchline, the cool new humor and comic magazine.

Raging Moderate by Will Durst One thing you can say about this whole TSA enhanced pat-down mess: nobody will ever board Virgin Airlines again without ruefully grimacing. Folks are flipping out like wolverines bouncing off of submarine trampolines over new regulations requiring a prospective flier to submit to having his or her naughty bits exposed […]

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Four years ago I had hip replacement surgery — which involves having an implant containing metal — and that means that every time I fly, which is often, a Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) employee passes a wand over my body to be sure I’m not concealing some explosive device on […]

On December 25, 1789, Congress, packed full of our Founding Fathers, was in-session. Nothing, especially when it comes to holidays, is ever “what it used to be.” Let’s not get into a “true spirit” conversation when it comes to Thanksgiving. All holidays evolve – Saturnalia turned into Christmas and fertility festivals turned into Easter. Regardless […]

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving for our blessings, we should not forget to remember the growing number of Americans who struggle to make ends meet and who do not have the opportunity to share a meal around the table with family and friends. It is a fair question to ask why a nation […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman Question One: Will the Transportation Safety Administration soon get its own separate listing on I’m heading from California to Connecticut for a family Thanksgiving and am anticipating a TSA body scan and/or pat down. Usually I tell people I’m traveling “for the Thanksgiving spread” — but this isn’t what […]

I’m thankful that this year many merchants were considerate enough to begin Christmas sales shortly after Columbus Day to avoid interfering with Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’m also thankful that: .Starbucks managed to put the snowflake designs on its paper cups long before most of the country got any snow. .The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book – […]

“I was in no mood to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. We were hurting financially and the wife was driving me nuts trying to cut down on costs.” “With the bad economy, many are looking for ways to save money.” “You have no idea. First off, I’d been working two lower-paying jobs, as I’ve been unable […]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst The fourth Thursday of November is definitely the bestest holiday. Food, Family, Friends and Football. Four of the five F’s. I most fondly remember the Thanksgivings of yesteryear. The big, old family reunions, which I looked forward to, until about five seconds after I hit the driveway, then it all […]