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An apropos saying, “Gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends” was recently tweeted across the cyber world of Twitter, but apparently the message did not connect with entitlement-loving Democratic Party Progressives currently unhinged over the recent proposal to extend Bush tax cuts. In a rare moment of self-mutilation, the Democrats have begun to eat […]

Pastor Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church congregation ““ also known as the “God Hates Fags” picketers ““ have no place in a polite society. But we don’t live in a polite society. We live in this one. And in this one we are guaranteed the freedom of speech. If you’re for free speech, […]

One thing we can count on every year is the media’s constant drum-banging about the so-called “War on Christmas.” Apparently, nothing going on in the world is quite as important as whether people, companies and towns wish each other “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays. Like most issues, cartoonists take sides on this reindeer-filled battlefield. Mike […]

President Obama and those who voted for him could use a good marriage counselor. Like many couples for whom the honeymoon is a fuzzy memory, the President and some who embraced him adoringly find that the relationship has become strained. Each saw in the other what they wanted to see and now wonder how it […]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst Please be advised: the Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2010 are not to be confused with the Top Ten Legitimate News Stories of 2010. They are as different as lasagna and asphalt. Ear wax and linoleum. A lunch-wagon sink trap and nuclear-lab clean rooms. Toe shoes and track cleats. […]

Making Sense by Michael Reagan In 1976, I stood beside my father in Kansas City after he lost the Republican presidential nomination to Gerald Ford. I asked him why he wanted to be president of the United States. His answer was a preview of the policies he would pursue when he finally won the presidency, […]

When you read the mainstream media or listen to Capitol Hill open border lobbyists, you’d believe that every alleged U.S. job shortage can only be solved with visas for foreign-born workers. From Cape Cod, where restaurant owners clamor for employees to prepare lobster rolls to 3,000 miles away in the Silicon Valley where a “tech […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman Politics now permeates all aspects of American life. So what could be more fitting than a collection of songs for the holidays ““ political songs sung to some of our favorite holiday tunes? Here are some political songs geared to December 2010 America: OLBERMANN NIGHT (A song for Keith Olbermann […]

Americans are now in a global economy. We’re citizens of the world. We’re engaged in delicate diplomacy made all too apparent by Wikileaks. Our markets are complex. Foreign markets are complex. Economics are complex. Communications are complex. In the last century we went from the horse and buggy to the Y2K buggy. Over 300 million […]

As the debate over taxes raged, one compromise the Senate rejected would have extended tax cuts for all Americans except those who are millionaires. In the words of the bill’s author, Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York, “Do we want to extend those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires at a time of huge deficits? […]