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The most pivotal scene in our nation’s recent civil rights history was not as some would assume, electing the more qualified, younger and dynamic presidential candidate (of a different party than George W. Bush) who also happened to be half African, ““ but it was, in fact, the self-proclaimed Tea Party protesters hurling racial epithets […]

Making Sense, by Michael Reagan Well, Democrats in Washington did it. They unilaterally passed a $938 billion health care plan that was overwhelmingly disapproved by Americans. But not to worry, the United Nations Health Organization proclaimed our leaders courageous for their actions. I will prefer to call them extinct. Voters fought, called, protested, and debated […]

I sat next to a man at the medical center who didn’t have too long to live. He was being talked thru his seriously intense medication by a kindly doctor.

“I’m a busy person. Why do I have to fill out this U.S. Census form anyhow?” “The U.S. Constitution says that every 10 years, the federal government must count every resident in the United States. It sounds simple, but what it really comes down to is politics and money.” “How does it involve politics?” “There […]

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi suggested that Nigeria should split along religious lines, into two nations to avoid further bloodshed between Muslims and Christians.

Cartoonist Steve Hill was around Capitol Hill today and observed the Tea Party protest in action, including shouts of hateful and obscene bigotry aimed at intimidating certain members of Congress. Here is his email: I’m in DC on vacation. With the historic vote tomorrow, I thought I’d run by my congressman’s (he’s against the bill) […]

  Tom Toles, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for The Washington Post, took time out to meet with Real World cast member Andrew Woods, an aspiring cartoonist. I guess Toles didn’t have the heart to tell Andrew about the grim future for cartoonists in the newspaper industry. Fast-forward through the first segment and go about 0:50 […]

The BBC invited me to participate at the Superpower Nation Day, a one-day global conversation on the radio, TV, and online as it unfolds via the internet at Shoreditch Town Hall, London. Issues discussed varied from political, social, economic and religious issues. I spoke on cartoons and the religious riots in Nigeria and it’s leadership. […]

Making Sense, by Michael Reagan Anyone that knows my politics understands that I consider myself pro-life; however, as I have written often, I also recognize that millions of Americans feel differently than I do and that we must continue to respect each other as Americans even though we share this fundamental difference of opinion. But […]

Cool video of Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell as he explains how he draws Gordon Brown as the prime minister performs the “cha-cha-change rumba” at the Labour party conference