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In days past, other nations needed a sophisticated and highly trained espionage operation to know the details of America’s military might. Now, they only need a subscription to The New York Times.

Imagine you have an action hero head of state: his bronzed muscles rippling as he battles balancing budgets, bureaucracy and lobbyists. He’s a retina-searing international superstar who sets the political world ablaze. His occasional character “complexities” are always forgiven by perfectly timed press conferences. He’s a cigar smoker ““ a Humvee driver. And yes, the […]

I handed my debit card to the owner of a barbecue restaurant. He saw my name on the card. “Is your mother’s name Elizabeth?” he asked. When I nodded, he burst out laughing. And then proceeded to confess to a prank, motivated by my mother, that he’d pulled on my family 30 years ago. My […]

A Kindle DX sits on my desk and not only am I convinced I did the right thing, I’m pleased to report that I’m over the moon with my new purchase.

Even in times of world peace, economic stability and oil-free coastlines, of which the present is not such a time, it’s uncomfortable to see a U.S. president doing standup comedy. Example from Saturday’s White House Correspondents Dinner: “Unfortunately, John McCain couldn’t make it. Recently he claimed that he never identified himself as a maverick. And […]

Raging Moderate, by Will Durst Got to admit, didn’t find the Icelandic volcano spewing its guts over the last couple of weeks very upsetting. Of course, if you were one of the thousands forced to get up close and personal with airport terminal linoleum for days on end, I heartily apologize, but encourage you to […]

  Cross posted at Laugh!. Here’s my cartoon that appeared in April’s Editor & Publisher magazine. Comics and cartoons are always getting the short-end of the stick. They continue to be one of the most popular features in newspapers, yet they’re often the first things cut in order to save money. And the cartoonists themselves […]

Award-winning cartoonist, playwright, and author Jules Feiffer talks about his life and his rise from a fearful kid with learning problems and a controlling mother, to working under the legendary Will Eisner and creating his subversive graphic novella Munro.

Making Sense, by Michael Reagan Today, many of our states are facing serious budget shortfalls as a result of a number of factors, including shrinking sales tax revenues. Politicians now face the untenable choice between decreased services and higher tax rates or the imposition of new “fees” — neither approach very appealing to the electorate. […]

As Congress debates financial reform, come check out our great new sideshow of cartoons about Goldman Sachs up now on