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The Obama administration is mired in the swamp of health care reform. Perhaps it’s time to change the subject? Time to stand up and shout, “IT’S AFGHANISTAN, STUPID!” Will Afghanistan be Barack Obama’s Vietnam? NO. It will be his… Afghanistan. And that’s trouble enough! First, a bit of background: The Reagan administration liked to crow […]

Congratulations again to my buddy, Scott Stantis, who starts his stint as the cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune today.  The cartoonist chair at the Trib has been empty for a decade.  Scott starts out with his cartoon on the front page. Scott’s old newspaper, The Birmingham News, is looking at portfolios and plans to fill […]

I know how you all like to see my sketches and I get lots of requests to explain my cartoons, so here is the latest one. The goal with this one was to comment on the speculation that the Democrats would use sentiment about Teddy Kennedy’s death to push health care legislation, possibly by attaching […]

“In four years, you can: Graduate from high school, earn a college degree, or even serve your first term as U.S. president. But you can’t fully recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.” Marshall Ramsey, the editorial cartoonist for the Clarion Ledger, has traveled back to the sites he visited in December 2005, pen and […]

Here’s the only “nice” caricature I’ve ever drawn of Ted Kennedy. Can’t publish the nastiest one. Don’t get me wrong: Like nearly everyone else, I regarded Edward Moore Kennedy as the greatest legislator of our time —  ranking right up there in American history with Daniel Webster and Henry Clay. …You know, ordinary citizens could […]

It looks like the Journal News has come to their senses. According to The Daily Cartoonist, the Westchester newspaper has reversed their initial decision and will not eliminate the staff cartoonist position that Pulitzer-Prize winner Matt Davies has filled for nearly 17 years. Davies’ staff cartoonist position had previously been selected as one of 50 […]

Here’s an interesting public service announcement from Brazil. Funny and well animated, it urges people to save water by peeing in the shower. The spot features people from all walks of life – from Michael Jordan to Stephen Hawking – urinating in the shower. Narrated by childrens’ voices, the ad ends with, “Pee in the […]

Our thoughts are with Mike Lane, our brilliant, liberal, award-winning cartoonist, who is in the hospital after undergoing open-heart surgery.  He was scheduled to get an aortic valve (pig’s valve) replacement and one bypass.  Shortly before his surgery, Mike wrote: “I’m asymptomatic (pain and evidence free) but the valve’s about closed now and will kill me down […]

Hundreds of copies of a Malaysian cartoon magazine on current issues edited by prominent cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque (better known as Zunar) have been confiscated by the Malaysian government, according to a report from The Straits Times. Officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs seized over 400 copies of the inaugural issues of “Gedung Kartun” […]

Woody Guthrie, the popular singer/songwriter of such greats as “This Land Is Your Land,” “Red Wine,” “Jesus Christ” and “Pastures of Plenty,” turns our to be more than a performer. In addition to being a journalist, activist, entertainer, poet and an all-around folk hero, Guthrie was an artist. And the Okfuskee County Historical Society Museum […]