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It’s nearly the end of the year, which means everyone will be posting their “year in review” pieces, and here at Cagle Cartoons, we’re no exception. So check out my 2009 Cartoon Year in Review slideshow.

For those of you that are blissfully unaware, today is the birthday of composer Ludwig van Beethoven. He was born on this day back in 1770, and the spry 219-year-old remains a musical mainstay in movies, television and your morning shower. I could think of no better way to celebrate Beethoven’s birthday that post (with […]

Here’s the simple solution to all of our problems with health care reform: GIVE SENATOR JOE LIEBERMAN EVERYTHING HE WANTS! Absolutely everything. The Senate may be half-way there way already, and the rest of Congress should follow suit. Really, the man from Aetna, er, Connecticut, will stand for nothing less! Public Option — gone! Medicare […]

Here’s my latest cartoon. First, there is the rough sketch; here I drew it in hard pencil and came back to tighten it up with a ball point pen.

A good deal of conservatives oppose what they view as President Obama’s socialist tendencies of spending and big government. This view was illustrated in a recent cartoon by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mike Ramirez (view more of Ramirez’s cartoons here). The cartoon featured Obama and Harry Reid piloting a WWII Japanese kamikaze airplane, dropping bombs labeled […]

Can you believe that there once was a time when network television aired classy holiday interstitials like this? Designed by R.O. Blechman, known for his television commercials for Alka-Seltzer, the commercial appeared in 1966 on CBS. The animation was created by hard-drawn pen & ink drawings by Willis Pyle, and the music was arranged by […]

In an effort to boost my finances and exposure in these troubled economic  times, I am hearby officially linking myself romantically to Tiger Woods. Never mind that I am a 57-year-old male cartoonist who has never played real golf and is clobbered by his own children at mini-golf. But that’s my day job. By night […]

A cartoon that appeared in the Houston Chronicle days before the mayoral run-off is causing a firestorm among some members of the African American community. The cartoon, drawn by Pulitzer Prize-winner Nick Anderson, shows Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke handcuffed in bed with conservative activist Dr. Stephen Hotze, insisting he can explain why he was […]

According to a memo obtained by Jim Romenesko, Nielsen Co. has decided to cease publication of the newspaper industry’s preeminent trade magazine Editor & Publisher. “After years of covering the death of newspapers, we here at Fitz & Jen got to experience it first-hand this morning,” Mark Fitzgerald and Jennifer Saba posted on their Fitz […]

New York cartoonist Julia Wertz, creator of the autobiographical comic The Fart Party, has an autoimmune disease and no health coverage, and like many cartoonists she knows, deals with having to pay off medical debts. Wertz threw a benefit party for herself to raise money for her health care bills (totaling over $3,000) and made […]