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Over a long career drawing caricatures and editorial cartoons, I can report that Sarah Palin is one of the greatest gifts ever to our profession! She’s more fun than Bill and Hillary combined. She has the intellectual wattage of George W. Bush coupled with the paranoia of Richard Nixon! And that presents endless comic opportunities […]

Sometimes I like to vary the dimensions of my cartoons. Most editorial cartoons are the same 1 1/2 wide by 1 tall, which fits the cartoon hole that newspapers keep open for the cartoon. Sometimes an odd sized cartoon will jar an editor into running something different. I did today’s cartoon extra wide, but on […]

Congratulations to my buddy, Peter Broelman, the brilliant Australian cartoonist who just swept both the best editorial cartoonist and cartoonist of the year prizes at the Stanley Awards!  See more of Peter’s cartoons here. Before I left on my trip last month I did an interview for BBC World, which they posted as a talking […]

This just in: Daryl, I just thought I’d write to let you know I heard from Bobble Rep creator Ray Griggs just now that Apple reconsidered their rejection of our app and “Bobble Rep” is now approved and available in the App Store. I’m glad Apple came to their senses and realized that this app […]

My daughter, Susie, joined me in Israel for the last week of my trip last month. She has been posting her daily cartoon account of the trip on her blog at and she’s posting a new day of the trip every day now as she paints them in.

Have you received an forwarded e-mail or chain letter from a friend or political adversary that showcases political cartoons from a conservative perspective preceded by this declaration: AUSTRALIAN CARTOONS…NOT SEEN IN AMERICA BELIEVE IT OR NOT — THESE CARTOONS ARE FROM OUR FRIENDS “DOWN UNDER”. WHY DO WE NEVER SEE SIMILAR IN USA PAPERS?? Unfortunately, […]

A lawsuit by former San Diego Union-Tribune cartoonist Steve Kelley alleging the paper intimidated his successor, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Steve Breen, to not collaborate on a joint comic strip has been thrown out by a San Diego Superior Court. [ View the ruling here ] According to The Voice of San Diego, Kelley, now the […]

I’m holding my breath. I’m now into my third month of waiting for Apple to approve my iPhone app. Yesterday I heard from Apple that they need more time to think about it.

Twenty years ago, on November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall was toppled, signaling the end of four decades of Cold War between the United States and The Soviet Union. Cartoonists from different political spectrum have weighed in with their thoughts, and here are five great political cartoons with their own opinion of this historic achievement, […]

Bruce Plante, the staff cartoonist at the Tulsa World (view more of his cartoons here), speaks to a group about some of his political cartoons at The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. The presentation was part of the Ray and Mary Giles Symposium on Citizenship and Public Service, and gave Bruce the chance […]