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A diverse group including concerned parents, sports fans and even the Writers Guild of America is fighting the proposed merger of media monoliths Time Warner and Comcast. The effort is spearheaded by the non-profit organization Public Knowledge, which claims the $45 billion merger would harm both the economy and our democracy. I tend to agree, […]

According to thinkers like also-ran presidential candidate Rick Santorum, America is a Christian nation. Really? The Bible is pro-slavery and pro-monarch—two things Americans are (now at least) decidedly against. So how are we a Christian nation, exactly? “It’s because of the Pilgrims trek to the New World in search of religious liberty that makes us […]

Democrats cheered when Senator Barack Obama promised them that if he were elected President, no lobbyists would “work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years.” On his first day in office, President Obama propagandized this campaign deceit with a press conference broadcasting him signing an executive order […]

Making Sense by Michael Reagan As we saw last weekend at the start of the St. Louis Rams-Raiders game, we’ll be dealing with the facts and symbolism of Michael Brown’s death for a long time. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” doesn’t accurately describe what really happened when Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Brown to death […]

A note to all the career politicians roaming the halls of Congress: our national debt crisis is not going away unless decisive action is taken.  As we breach yet another once-unfathomable milestone, this time it’s the $18,000,000,000,000 mark, we are reminded yet again that our leaders are addicted to spending and wasting taxpayer dollars.   Is there […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman The world is watching the career and reputation of comedian Bill Cosby disintegrate virtually overnight in a humiliating, seemingly-daily, public miniseries involving a flood of allegations, many decades old — but increasingly believable. Because there’s now a pattern. A reported 17 women have (so far) come forward to allege he […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree Movie fans, remember a time when the only “F-word” was “fiddle-dee-dee”? That question comes to mind as I see December 15 and the 75th anniversary of the world premiere of “Gone With The Wind” approaching. I have so many fond memories of November 1976 and NBC’s much-hyped two-night network television premiere […]

It’s amazing that the show almost was not broadcast. I speak of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” — a show that, for reasons I don’t understand, holds more power over me with every passing year. The show has a very simple premise: Too much commercialization can take the meaning out of Christmas. As it goes, Charlie […]

Unlike Barack Obama, I am not a father to teenage girls, but it must be something like being President with this obstructionist congress. No good deed for Obama goes unpunished by Republicans in Washington, and the recent climate agreement with China is a good example. America showing world leadership? Finding progress where there was once […]

Rape. My favorite Bill Cosby comedy routine was a tie between “Go Carts” and “Chicken Heart” from his 1960’s album, “Wonderfulness.” At least 15 rapes. I have found friends and acquaintances throughout the years who shared a love for this man, whom we all saw as a father figure; a mentor with such humor, storytelling […]