On Tuesday December 9, disgraced Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber will face the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  He has a lot to answer for. Perhaps the most significant issue is Gruber’s videotaped confession that Obamacare “was written in … Continue reading

A diverse group including concerned parents, sports fans and even the Writers Guild of America is fighting the proposed merger of media monoliths Time Warner and Comcast. The effort is spearheaded by the non-profit organization Public Knowledge, which claims the … Continue reading

According to thinkers like also-ran presidential candidate Rick Santorum, America is a Christian nation. Really? The Bible is pro-slavery and pro-monarch—two things Americans are (now at least) decidedly against. So how are we a Christian nation, exactly? “It’s because of … Continue reading

Democrats cheered when Senator Barack Obama promised them that if he were elected President, no lobbyists would “work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years.” On his first day in office, President … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan As we saw last weekend at the start of the St. Louis Rams-Raiders game, we’ll be dealing with the facts and symbolism of Michael Brown’s death for a long time. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” doesn’t … Continue reading

A note to all the career politicians roaming the halls of Congress: our national debt crisis is not going away unless decisive action is taken.  As we breach yet another once-unfathomable milestone, this time it’s the $18,000,000,000,000 mark, we are reminded … Continue reading

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman The world is watching the career and reputation of comedian Bill Cosby disintegrate virtually overnight in a humiliating, seemingly-daily, public miniseries involving a flood of allegations, many decades old — but increasingly believable. Because there’s … Continue reading

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree Movie fans, remember a time when the only “F-word” was “fiddle-dee-dee”? That question comes to mind as I see December 15 and the 75th anniversary of the world premiere of “Gone With The Wind” approaching. I … Continue reading

It’s amazing that the show almost was not broadcast. I speak of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” — a show that, for reasons I don’t understand, holds more power over me with every passing year. The show has a very simple … Continue reading

Unlike Barack Obama, I am not a father to teenage girls, but it must be something like being President with this obstructionist congress. No good deed for Obama goes unpunished by Republicans in Washington, and the recent climate agreement with … Continue reading

Rape. My favorite Bill Cosby comedy routine was a tie between “Go Carts” and “Chicken Heart” from his 1960’s album, “Wonderfulness.” At least 15 rapes. I have found friends and acquaintances throughout the years who shared a love for this … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan The fight over immigration reform was wiped off our TV screens by the fires and tear gas clouds in Ferguson Monday night. CNN and the other networks will milk the grand jury’s decision not to … Continue reading

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree “I’ve gotta get it right the first time. That’s the main thing. I can’t afford to let it pass.” — Billy Joel. “Graco recalls almost 5 million strollers in the U.S. due to fingertip amputation hazard.” … Continue reading

Raging Moderate by Will Durst You got to love Thanksgiving. You do. It’s the law. And be honest; doesn’t a little tryptophan poisoning amongst family and friends sound pretty comforting right about now? What with Ebola infested ISIS members slithering … Continue reading

Bonjour, America! Have you heard the good news? Under President Obama, the U.S. ranking for personal freedom has slipped below that of France! According to The Washington Examiner, the Legatum Institute just released its sixth edition of its Prosperity Index. … Continue reading

Nothing is less important in Washington these days than how Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration will affect millions of unauthorized immigrants. Obama has turned a population roughly equal to Alabama into taxpayers who can live in America without fear … Continue reading

  Illegal immigrants are the perfect Republican foe. They’re easily exploited as low-cost workers benefiting business and easily maligned for being “lawless” benefiting politicians. They’re a foreign other with a tendency not to speak English so suspicion is ready-made. Plus, … Continue reading

Liberal billionaires reap the benefits of their XL pipeline lobbying and what do they get? The exposure of left-wing hypocrisy, for one. Liberal President Obama’s liberal government commissioned a study for the State Department run by liberal John Kerry, and … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Talk about being in the middle of Middle America. This week I’m in bitterly cold Nebraska — Omaha, to be exact — visiting with my wife Colleen’s family. On Tuesday night I watched the Die-hard … Continue reading

I set out to write an obituary about my mother, who died Nov. 15, and was taken aback by how much she never accomplished in her 94 years. At least that’s how it seemed when her life was viewed in … Continue reading