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Arrogance doesn’t sit well with most Americans for very long. Only when it’s accompanied with overwhelming success, like the Pittsburgh Steelers, do we say, “Well, they’ve earned it, haven’t they?” As soon as they start losing, the arrogance of players like quarterback Ben Roethlisberger becomes the fans’ first criticism. Quarterback Barak Obama’s Democratic Party spins […]

On Tuesday, Citizens United’s right to distribute our newest documentary Rocky Mountain Heist in the state of Colorado was affirmed.  The District Court for the District of Colorado had refused to treat our documentary as a standard media product. That decision had imposed on our First Amendment rights and would have required Citizens United to […]

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Add Ebola to our long and growing list of federal screw-ups. On Wednesday morning we learned a second nurse was infected by the virus in a Dallas hospital while taking care of the Ebola patient from Africa who died October 8. When the head of the Centers for Disease Control […]

I can’t begin to remember how long I’ve been fantasizing about a law like the one in Europe that now protects a person’s Right to Forget. As best I can recall, the European Court of Justice affirmed this remarkable legal principle last spring after a guy in Spain brought suit against Google, seeking to have […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree A garment that has elicited a lot of wolf whistles is turning 75 years old. According to the website, nylon stockings were sold publicly for the first time (on a trial basis) in a department store in Wilmington, Delaware on October 27, 1939. The original purchasers of those hose can […]

I’m starting to feel bad for President Obama, if you want to know the truth. His poll numbers are so low — an IBD/TIPP poll indicates that 53 percent of adults in the United States now characterize Obama’s presidency as a “failure” — no Democrat candidates want to be seen with him. Former CIA chief […]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst Hey everybody. The Midterms Are Coming! Or rather: the midterms are coming. To be most precise; themidtermsarecoming. Because the general response of the vast majority of Americans who aren’t stifling yawns is “yeah, whatever. Isn’t there a baseball game on?” The suspense is… non-existent. Passion is totally absent. Color the […]

As America waits, ever patiently, for the economic recovery to trickle down to the rest of us, at least we won’t have to worry about Kevin Cramer. This former radio host has figured out a way to get a piece of the pie not just for himself but for many of his relatives as well. […]

Remember? “There’s a storm gathering. The clouds are dark and the winds are strong and I am afraid.” This was the widely mocked anti-gay marriage commercial for the National Organization for Marriage put out in 2009. “But some who advocate same sex marriage have not been content with same sex couples living as they wish,” […]

Trust. Even in the final two years of a President’s term, there should be enough trust that the President is trying to make decisions based on the needs of the country. Barack Obama has lost that trust. The Washington Times reports, “Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday that President Obama damaged U.S. credibility by […]