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Making Sense by Michael Reagan Here in this little French village of Sainte Mere Eglise they remember D-Day. Sainte Mere Eglise, as students of history and World War II movies know, became the first town to be liberated from Hitler’s armies when hundreds of American paratroopers fell from the sky early on the morning of […]

It’s hard to tell what’s a bigger joke: Common Core or Common Core critics. Rightwing hysteria that Common Core will turn our children into gay socialists—not kidding about that one—is overshadowing legitimate reasons to oppose it. The problem with Common Core isn’t that Barack Obama is brainwashing our children. It’s that the brand new curriculum […]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman To this day there’s some dispute over who originated the phrase “grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory.” What is certain is we’re now seeing living examples of the phrase, demonstrated by both the Obama administration and the Republican Party. Victory’s jaws are surely sore from the pulls by Obama […]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree Almost every day, as I plod through a world dominated by Murphy’s Law, I am haunted by one of my late father’s favorite observations: “There’s no such thing as a simple job.” For instance, I assumed it would be child’s play to Google “Father’s Day,” sift through current events and get […]

This weekend, senior aides to former Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed a group of Democratic foreign policy experts that they want to “move past” Benghazi, and have developed a messaging strategy to close the book on the Benghazi discussion once and for all.  We are reminded that with the Clintons, it’s all politics […]

Our country is going to the dogs. I speak of a recent article on the Fast Company website that touts the benefits of employees bringing their dogs to work. According to various studies, the article reports, dogs in the workplace improve productivity and reduce stress. It’s true that stress has been around a long time. […]

You wouldn’t know it from all the perpetual doom and gloom in our media and culture, but we have nearly eradicated pollution in the United States. So much so that most Americans are blissfully unaware of how severely polluted the world was for all of human history up to the time of our grandparents.   […]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst In the bad old days, medieval German Lords figured out how to pocket some quick coin by charging a toll on the primitive paths meandering across their lands. The money wasn’t used to improve the roads or better the lives of the peasants or clean the rivers their pigs pooped […]

The death penalty isn’t perfect, but then neither are we. The botched execution last month in Oklahoma has raised legitimate questions about the secret sauce Texas uses on death row, and a lot of Texans still haven’t gotten over the state—that is, us—executing Cameron Todd Willingham based on unscientific and discredited folk tales about arson. […]

Kaye Whiteman was my editor for ten years at West Africa magazine, a London based Pan-African weekly. I was about to go through him and Mr. Ad Obe Obe get a job there as its resident cartoonist without applying. My skills as a designer, cartoonist and illustrator could not be overlooked. Kaye was very passionate […]