I’m writing to ask for your support, for my own editorial cartooning and for The Cagle Post (Cagle.com) site!

Editorial cartoons are important! I love being an editorial cartoonist! I love that we have so many loyal visitors to Cagle.com. I love the idea of drawing my own cartoons for my fans, rather than a big, corporate master.


Thanks6I spent most of my career as a cartoon illustrator, drawing other people’s characters and illustrating other people’s ideas. Now I have the best job in the world, drawing my own way, expressing my own ideas, and I have great distribution, to the online audience and to over 850 subscribing newspapers. But these are difficult times for all editorial cartoonists, as newspapers decline and the Web hasn’t developed a culture of paying for content.

I’ve made my own editorial cartooning career happen by combining my own work with the work of my talented colleagues in my little syndicate, here on Cagle.com and with my previous partners, msnbc.com, The Washington Post and Slate.com. In the past my corporate partners subsidized my efforts on Cagle.com; now I’m going it alone. I’ve made some painful cutbacks and I’m finding less and less time to draw my own political cartoons as I’ve had to cut back on the staff that was needed to make all of this work.

Thanks2If you love all the cartoons on Cagle.com and would like to see the site continue as it has for the past twenty years, with the tech updates it requires – please become a supporter!

I’m looking for more time to pursue my own career as an editorial cartoonist. With the cutbacks I’ve been drawing fewer and fewer cartoons as my time has been taken up with other, non-cartooning work. I should be drawing more cartoons.

Recently Cagle.com has come under unrelenting, continuing, sophisticated hacker attacks, which have gone so far as to erase data from our hard drives and bringing Cagle.com down intermittently. Defending against these attacks has been very costly to us. People who are offended by political cartoons have no sense of humor and, as we see, often seek revenge against the content that offends them.

We dropped our popular mobile apps because we couldn’t afford to maintain them (the advertising revenue didn’t come close to covering the cost of the apps). Now  Thanks4we’re facing the same situation with Cagle.com where our programming is aging, as are our servers, and advertising doesn’t cover the bills. The site needs a redesign to work with mobile devices as well as to modernize coding in the database of hundreds of thousands of cartoons. The bills are coming due and costly Cagle.com is on the chopping block.

My little syndicate, Cagle Cartoons Inc., is managing okay, but the income isn’t enough to cover the expenses of Cagle.com and of my own career, drawing editorial cartoons.

If you like my work and want to see me draw more political cartoons – become a patron and I promise you more of my best work, more often! I’ll even start video podcasts that show me drawing each cartoon!

Thanks7Support my cartoons! Support Cagle.com! Support political cartooning! I need and appreciate your support now!

— Daryl Cagle


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