6. Cut out all alcohol. michigan hospital weight loss programs 5. Many of you may be concerned about the fat contained in eggs, mainly in the egg yolk. In such a case you can discard the yolk and eat just the egg white. Egg whites are full of protein. Protein keeps the stomach full for longer, helps in building muscle, which in turn, keeps the fat away. check that a whole lot of foods that are extremely good for weight loss and I ve included more than 12 of them in quick ways to lose weight Eat More Fiber prostate cancer diet As this is a prescription only slimming pill, you should always take the drug as recommended by your doctor. Xenical capsules come in the dosage strength of 120mg. Doctors usually prescribe that Xenical 120mg capsules be taken three times a day with every main meal. weight loss charts MORE Nukes! Cartoons

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