Is it inevitable that we gain weight as we get older? People tend to blame their increasing waistlines of a naturally slowing metabolism (the body s engine) but in fact the answer really lies with the loss of our muscle tissue. weight loss drugs new What Should I Look For In A Healthy Protein Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shake? weight loss tips for men Biotin as a Solution insane fat loss For assistance, visit and click the Live Help button or call toll-free on 866-441-3579. weight loss jokes Covering a crucial topic like exercise while pregnant, Pregnancy Without Pounds shows you the exercise routine to do while you are expecting your baby. This is an area where expert opinion has changed in recent years, as up until fairly recently, women were mostly told to be as inactive as possible during this time. However, studies are showing that women that routinely exercise are healthier, as are their babies. Providing exercise ideas, Michelle Moss shows you how to perform them in a way that will help you to stay healthy. the best weight loss tips for women Larry Wright's 2008 Year In Review Cartoons

Larry Wright Cartoon for 11/27/2008

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Larry Wright's 2008 Year In Review

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