Activated willow charcoal does essentially the same thing in your intestinal tract that a charcoal block does in your water filter. It attracts and traps thousands of times its own weight in gases, toxins, food additives and other chemicals. As a side note, it can absorb over 3,000 known drug residues. Willow charcoal is preferred over charcoal from coconut shells. content Why the Tapeworm Diet Does Not Work what is best weight loss pill Vaginal Itching: Knowing More About It The Definition garcinia cambogia side effects warnings weight loss Unnatural weight loss can be taken to extreme levels. You have to be really really desperate to consider getting liposucked or stomach stapled. These procedures are surgical and all the risks of operations and hospital environments go along with them. People have even died from having these elective surgeries. prescription meds weight loss Weight-related health issues drugs that help you lose weight Feeding the Cattle Cartoons

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