David Bossie

A Rocky Mountain Heist
On Tuesday, Citizens United’s right to distribute our newest documentary Rocky Mountain Heist in the state of Colorado was affirmed.  The District Court for the ... Read More
An Incapable Government
With every new day there seems to be yet another disturbing headline citing Big Government failure. Recently it has been the CDC and the Ebola ... Read More
A Tale Of Two Heads of State
On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly and vocalized many truths that President Obama simply refuses to.  Netanyahu stated ... Read More
The Dysfunctional U.N.
Today, President Obama will chair a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York City. In an effort to show that the U.N. is actually ... Read More
Protecting The 7th Floor
Ever since four brave Americans were killed by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi, Libya two years ago, many questions have been raised about what then-Secretary of ... Read More