Jase Graves

Why do we fall for fall?
Yes, it’s that glorious season that so many pumpkin-spice addicts claim to be their favorite. I must admit that, I, too, succumb each year to ... Read More
The year of the possum
According to my extensive research (approximately five minutes on Google when I should have been folding underwear), the Chinese zodiac system assigns an animal symbol ... Read More
Things I’m glad I did
If you read my last two columns, you know that I’m now milking this one-trick pony for all it’s worth – including some mixed metaphors. ... Read More
Things I’ve never done
A few days ago, my wife and I were taking our evening almost-senior-citizen power stroll, and the subject of Hooters came up. Yes, Hooters. And ... Read More
Dad’s lumbar moving company
Recently, my wife and I accomplished a task almost as daunting as giving our cat a pill or teaching our youngest daughter to drive without ... Read More
Hop on down to San Antone
These days, getting all three of my semi-grown daughters together for a family activity is like herding cats who have cars, jobs at coffee shops ... Read More
Live your best heat-dome life
It’s August in Texas, which, at the best of times, is like living inside the molten contents of one of those fried mozzarella sticks that ... Read More