Michael Reagan

Power to the People
A month ago I said it will be the public that makes the decision to reopen America, not the government. It took too long, but that's ... Read More
California Dictating
California was well down the road to becoming a Bernie Sanders-model socialist state when the coronavirus crisis came along. But fighting COVID-19 and slowing its spread ... Read More
Essential Travel in L.A.
I don't know what daily life is like during our Great National Shutdown in states like Pennsylvania, where I hear golfing is verboten, all liquor ... Read More
Saluting General Trump
It's lucky I'm being such a good American and sheltering at home. Every day I've been able to watch President Trump's coronavirus White House press briefings ... Read More
No Hope For Democrats
I sure hope this coronavirus crisis comes to an end soon. I sure hope the millions of people thrown out of work get their jobs back ... Read More
Fighting Off The Flu
Every four-year-old knows the official coronavirus drill by now. Wash your hands often, cover your coughs and sneezes and don't touch your face. And also ... Read More
The Other Virus To Fear
There's a virus threatening the health of America, all right. But it's not new, not from a foreign country and it's not the coronavirus. The virus Americans ... Read More
The Establishment Strikes Back
Everyone talks about the power of the Republican and Democrat party establishments. It's real - just ask Bernie. He quickly found out how powerful the Democrat establishment ... Read More