Michael Reagan

The Power of Incumbency No More
Making Sense, by Michael Reagan In politics, incumbency usually provides a significant advantage to a candidate. Usually special interests and large-dollar donors flow to those ... Read More
Loose Lips Can Still Sink Ships
In days past, other nations needed a sophisticated and highly trained espionage operation to know the details of America's military might. Now, they only need ... Read More
Another Assault on Capitalism
Making Sense, by Michael Reagan As President Obama pushes for stricter regulations on Wall Street institutions, I want to call us back to caution. Undoubtedly, ... Read More
Appeal to our Sensibilities
Making Sense, by Michael Reagan Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder was killed while serving in Iraq in 2006. His grieving father, Albert Snyder, did ... Read More
Game On!
Making Sense, by Michael Reagan Well, Democrats in Washington did it. They unilaterally passed a $938 billion health care plan that was overwhelmingly disapproved by ... Read More