Peter Funt

The Obama-Clinton Soundtracks
What the nation needs desperately as the 2018 midterm elections draw near is to hear more wisdom from Barack Obama and less venom from Hillary ... Read More
I’m Failing at Passwords
By Peter Funt I have several online accounts that I use a few times year and not once have I gained access without first trying ... Read More
Dan Rather Returns
By Peter Funt He looked pretty good sitting behind the antique partners desk in his home-office. In fact, darn good for a newsman of 86. ... Read More
Steinle Case Solves Nothing
By Peter Funt SAN FRANCISCO – Too often in America we are reactive rather than proactive in addressing the nation’s problems. With each bit of ... Read More
Fix the Parks, Not the Fees
By Peter Funt Three years ago this month, returning to my hotel room in Flagstaff, Arizona, I wrote: At least once in a lifetime every ... Read More
Names Make News
Names making news – and generating opinions: MIKE PENCE. The Veep fooled no one Sunday. He calculatingly attended the Colts-49ers game in Indianapolis just long ... Read More
Don’t Spoil My Fantasy
By Peter Funt A third grade teacher once wrote on my report card, “Peter is extremely average.” Accurate though the critique might have been, my ... Read More
Thoughts for the Holidays
By Peter Funt The confluence of Easter and Passover at mid-month will find many people, stressed more than usual by the state of world affairs ... Read More