Peter Funt

Chatbots are speaking my language
In a much anticipated chess match in February, 1996, the world champion Garry Kasparov faced IBM’s Deep Blue, the most advanced chess-playing machine. Kasparov lost ... Read More
It’s about time
Even baseball purists like myself, who still aren’t comfortable with designated hitters and restrictions on where fielders may be positioned, find themselves overwhelmingly in favor ... Read More
Pining for drier days
In the delightful 1986 film “The Money Pit,” a novice homeowner, played by Tom Hanks, carves a heart in a tree as a gesture to ... Read More
Cry me an atmospheric river
It hard to tell what’s changing faster, the weather or words used to describe it. I’ve lived on the Central California coast for some time ... Read More
Oy Tannenbaum
I grew up believing that you judge a man by the size of his Christmas tree. Each December my father and I would jump in ... Read More