Peter Funt

Porcini Parade
Mushroom hunters searching under trees and leaning into ditches, poke in the depths for tasty porcinis. Read More
Campaigns Are An Open Book
It's becoming difficult to tell if modern presidential candidates are writing books to help their campaigns, or campaigning to sell their books. Read More
How To Fix The Debates
Installments of the GOP presidential debates are coming faster than episodes of "The Real Housewives," but changes need to be made to keep it fresh. ... Read More
Four I’ll Miss
Four top notch news guys died this fall, and their individual styles of journalism could not have been more different. Read More
Chatter Box
Talk is cheap, and that's one explanation for why a new type of innocuous, chatty, talk programming is spreading quickly on mainstream television. Read More
Dancing With The GOP
If you've been sending money to Herman Cain to prop up his troubled campaign, please send some to Rick Perry so he stays in the ... Read More
Trap and Release
What do you think Arizona officials are doing with many of the illegal immigrants they're rounding up these days? Read More