Peter Funt

Save Our Books!
A protest by students at the University of Denver is eye-opening because of what it concerns - students demanding more books. Read More
Nader Just Won’t Learn
Despite nagging evidence to the contrary, Ralph Nader is basically a smart guy. So you would assume he would never again gamble with the nation's ... Read More
All The World’s a Stage
With modern media, know this: you can run off at the mouth, but you can't hide. It's surprising how many media-savvy folks fail to grasp ... Read More
No-Pledge Pledge
Even if Jon Huntsman's presidential ambitions are quashed, he was right when he said: "I'd love to get everybody to sign a pledge to take ... Read More
Tarnished State
The Golden State is a tarnished mess. If California is a predictor for the nation, things may be worse than we thought. Read More
Hair Raising
This may not come as a surprise to a number of your, but the winner in presidential elections is often the guy with the best ... Read More
Political Enemies Within
The axiom in recent presidential elections is that the left and right stay put, while the middle shifts just enough to determine the winner. Read More
Money Squawks
Everyone has a story about getting ripped off by an airline, abused by the phone company, or hosed at the department of motor vehicles. Read More
Justitia, Open Your Eyes
We know Justitia better as the blindfolded Lady Justice, and sometimes judges, juries and prosecutors exhibit a kind of blindness that leads to injustice. Read More