Peter Funt

Justitia, Open Your Eyes
We know Justitia better as the blindfolded Lady Justice, and sometimes judges, juries and prosecutors exhibit a kind of blindness that leads to injustice. Read More
Closing The Book
I used to have an aversion to big-box stores, especially those that destroy well-run, friendly neighborhood businesses. Read More
Patriotic Purchasing
At a time when many Americans are easily agitated about immigrants crossing our borders, they seem to care little about the flood of foreign-made products. Read More
Summer Flings
Presidential politics during the summer before the summer before the next election is a lot like spring training baseball. Read More
In God We Vote
With two Mormon candidates in the race, it's now certain that the 2012 campaign will continue the trend of carefully weighing candidates' religious beliefs. Read More
Judicial Depravity
California's prisons are so overcrowded, the U.S. Supreme Court order the state to reduce its inmate population by 33,000. Read More
Daydream Believer
This is a dream come true. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have made a scientific discovery that should thrill those who are overweight but spend ... Read More
Signs of Confusion
In an age when Twitterphiles are able to communicate deep thoughts with just 140 characters, it's puzzling that the authors of highway signs so often ... Read More