Peter Funt

Signs of Confusion
In an age when Twitterphiles are able to communicate deep thoughts with just 140 characters, it's puzzling that the authors of highway signs so often ... Read More
Baseball’s Alcohol Problem
Last season, fans may recall, many baseball telecasts began with announcers reading the commercial line: "Grab an ice cold Bud." This season, the pitch reads: ... Read More
The bin Laden News Trove
The news nuggets just keep on coming in the Osama bin Laden story, even as we wait patiently for the movie and the inevitable HBO ... Read More
Is the President of the United States acting uppity? Maybe that's it. Maybe in the minds of Barack Obama's bigoted opponents it's one thing to ... Read More
Burn This Letter
Dear President Obama: Here's a small piece of advice. But whatever you do, please don't cite this letter in your next speech. In fact, Mister ... Read More
Snooze Control
A hastily completed study by the FAA has resulted in new operational rules for the nation's airports, where air-traffic controllers have been falling asleep in ... Read More
‘G’ Whiz
In a recent speech, President Obama said that without a new energy policy, "folks will keep on makin' conventional cars." Better vehicles already exist he ... Read More
No Rx for Trips to the DL
I'm no doctor, although I have played one on TV. But as a reasonably qualified baseball fan, I'm having a hard time diagnosing some of ... Read More
Keeping Secrets
Government remains skilled at keeping secrets. Although the Obama administration pledged early on to exercise greater care when using the so-called "state secrets privilege" in ... Read More
You Call This an Odyssey?
If nothing else, the current operation in Libya confirms that the United States has overwhelming global superiority in coming up with bad names. Odyssey Dawn ... Read More