Peter Funt

A Message to Unlikely Voters
When Barack Obama was a state legislator in Illinois he occasionally used the tactic of voting “present” on certain bills because the measures, as written, ... Read More
Book Report
Just as parents try to get over the shock of this year’s college tuition rates, the bills start piling up for peripherals – everything from ... Read More
Smile Index
So, how was your summer? I just finished a three-week trip, mostly by car, covering thousands of miles and sampling hundreds of opinions. I went ... Read More
Basic Fairness
More Americans are suffering than at any time since the Great Depression due to rampant unemployment and the ensuing spiral that leads to hunger and ... Read More
Super-Sizing the Law
On the day U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker issued his landmark ruling regarding same-sex marriage in California, I found myself at a McDonald’s restaurant listening ... Read More
Cut the Cards
Dear President Obama: I’m writing to wish you many happy returns on your 49th birthday next Wednesday, and also to explain why I declined to ... Read More
Race Against Time
One headline after another seems to confirm that racism remains a serious problem in America. Yet, while deeply disturbing, the situation is neither unexpected nor ... Read More
Penny Wise and Fan Foolish
The sales slogan used by the San Francisco Giants this season, “It’s Magic Inside,” seems to pertain to this trick: Fans arrive early hoping for ... Read More
Link to This
There are several things, Barack Obama, that I’m going to do, Tea Party, to promote what I write, Lady Gaga, and generate more buzz, oil-covered ... Read More