Peter Funt

Defunding or Defanging?
There was plenty of passionate poppycock on the House floor Thursday, as members debated the Republicans' "emergency" bill to eliminate funding for National Public Radio. ... Read More
Vendor of Smiles
PHOENIX - This is not about politics or the economy, at least not directly. This is about Lemonade. "Lemonade, lemonade, like grandma made!" For 26 ... Read More
$pring Training
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A 30-mile zone around Phoenix is fast becoming the epicenter of spring baseball, with gorgeous landscape, ideal weather, numerous tourist services and, ... Read More
Strike Up the Bland
It says here that Mitt Romney will be the Republican Presidential nominee next year. It also says here that if it's not the former Massachusetts ... Read More
It’s in the Mail
Shortly after 2 p.m. on Presidents Day, when government offices were closed, I dropped a Netflix envelope in the box outside our local post office. ... Read More
Keeping an Eye on Congress
A recurrent cry among Republicans during their successful campaign to take control of the House of Representatives was for greater transparency in the workings of ... Read More
Taking Exception
Even in the midst of serious shortfalls involving the economy, education, health care, and military entanglements overseas, America remains truly exceptional in many ways. However, ... Read More
The Bachmann Express
Michele Bachmann for president. There's a bumper sticker that should definitely make the Obama team feel more confident about retaining the White House in 2012. ... Read More
The State of Things
President Obama will deliver his State of the Union message Tuesday night. What might he say to inspire and move the nation forward? Tonight I ... Read More
In Other News…
On Monday the nation honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was shot to death in 1968 with a single bullet from a Remington Gamemaster ... Read More