Peter Funt

The State of Things
President Obama will deliver his State of the Union message Tuesday night. What might he say to inspire and move the nation forward? Tonight I ... Read More
In Other News…
On Monday the nation honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was shot to death in 1968 with a single bullet from a Remington Gamemaster ... Read More
Air Raid
During a recent radio interview I was asked why it is that conservative broadcasters are so much more successful than their progressive, or liberal, counterparts. ... Read More
It was Groucho Marx who famously stated, “I would never belong to any club that would have me as a member.” Smart guy. If he ... Read More
2011 Precap
No one was more surprised by the way 2010 turned out than this reporter, except possibly the 69 Democrats who lost their seats in Congress, ... Read More
Voluntary Tax Break
Seems there are almost as many theories about how to change the tax laws as there are citizens to whom the laws apply. Here’s one ... Read More
Crying Game
Honestly, what’s with all the crying on Capitol Hill? Judging by the flow of tears you’d think Republicans had recently suffered some kind of horrible ... Read More
For Better or Worse?
President Obama and those who voted for him could use a good marriage counselor. Like many couples for whom the honeymoon is a fuzzy memory, ... Read More
Capital (sic) Hill
As the debate over taxes raged, one compromise the Senate rejected would have extended tax cuts for all Americans except those who are millionaires. In ... Read More
Hunting for Heroes
America’s developing a real thing for heroes – not the kind in fiction, but the real-life variety. Oprah does entire shows about them. CNN ranks ... Read More