Peter Funt

Hunting for Heroes
America’s developing a real thing for heroes – not the kind in fiction, but the real-life variety. Oprah does entire shows about them. CNN ranks ... Read More
I’m thankful that this year many merchants were considerate enough to begin Christmas sales shortly after Columbus Day to avoid interfering with Halloween and Thanksgiving. ... Read More
Low-Tone Security
I don’t have access to any terrorist handbooks, but I imagine that having succeeded beyond expectations in the chapters dealing with “how to disrupt,” those ... Read More
The Winning Way
Baseball is not only the Great American Pastime, but also the Great American Metaphor. So, it says here: If politicians and their supporters had behaved ... Read More
Fear of Flying
Juan Williams lost his gig at National Public Radio for saying in complete candor that when he boards a plane and sees people in Muslim ... Read More
Out of the Mine
Wasn’t it a wonderful sight? And didn’t it spark emotions in all of us that haven’t been felt in a long time? The rescue of ... Read More
A Fund for All Reasons
There’s a memorable episode of “Seinfeld” in which George invents a fake organization called the Human Fund, to fool coworkers into believing that a gift ... Read More
The Rub Off Effect
Theories abound about why, with so many tech tools at their disposal and so much time spent connected and tuned in, Americans seem to be ... Read More
Fair or Foul?
Jeter the cheater. At least it rhymes. But there is serious debate among sports fans and ethicists about whether the acting job by the Yankees ... Read More