Peter Funt

A Closed Open
PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. - The U.S. Open golf tournament will be played here next month with great fanfare. But looking at the onerous list of ... Read More
A Standup President
Even in times of world peace, economic stability and oil-free coastlines, of which the present is not such a time, it's uncomfortable to see a ... Read More
Cover Story
The adage at Newsweek magazine must be: a picture is worth a thousand complaints. Newsweek's current cover will likely bring that many objections from Hillary ... Read More
Spit Ball
Sights and sounds of a glorious new baseball season are all around: the emerald green grass, the crack of the bat, and the endless globs ... Read More
Stuck in the Spin Cycle
Rhetorical spinning used to be good sport. Think back on the scenes following Presidential debates, when high-powered advocates for each candidate pounced on reporters to ... Read More
Got Apps?
Car companies are crashing, banks are bailing, farms are failing, but grant this to American entrepreneurs: they sure know how to make apps. Since the ... Read More
The Coca-Cola Column
I'm calling this column "Coca-Cola." Although I have little to say about Coke, it's my hope that the giant soft drink company will send me ... Read More