Phil Kerpen

Government Spending Hurts People
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End the Bed Tax Scam
Buried in Barack Obama's budget (last year's, of course, because this year's is still late) is a common sense idea for health care savings that ... Read More
No Budget, No Debt Ceiling Hike
In 2006, then-Senator Barack Obama inserted a speech into the Congressional Record decrying the increase in the debt ceiling that President Bush was asking for. ... Read More
Googling Cronyism
An impartial rule of law is one of the pillars of a free society, so the curious resolution of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) probe ... Read More
The Senate is the Problem
The late night drama cast Senator Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden as heroes. They did what Obama and Boehner failed to do, come ... Read More
Back to Plan A
There is not a majority in the House of Representatives to support a tax plan that would raise taxes on any taxpayers — not even ... Read More