Phil Kerpen

Googling Obama’s Reelection
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If It’s 2008 Again, That’s OK
President Bush’s reckless spending and bailouts gutted the Republican brand and paved the way for President Obama’s historic 2008 election.  The most liberal president in ... Read More
Recession or Real Recovery
The economy is limping along at an official 2 percent growth rate — and even that is overstated because it includes a 9.6 percent increase ... Read More
Che and the EPA
On September 13, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent an internal email to its staff under the subject line “Hispanic Heritage Month.”  The email, ... Read More
Obama Did Let Detroit Go Bankrupt
The Democratic convention took place in an alternative universe in which Mitt Romney wanted a very ominous "bankruptcy" for General Motors and Chrysler -- a ... Read More