Tom Purcell

My Dad Taught Me How
Need to learn how to unclog a shower drain, jump-start a car, shave your face without bleeding to death or successfully address dozens of other ... Read More

The Dying Art of Conversation
Texting is replacing talking as the preferred form of communication? According to a recent survey by OpenMarket, 75 percent of millennials chose texting over talking when ... Read More

The End of the Handshake?
After more than a year of strict COVID mandates, my state has triumphantly reopened. But, some argue, we better think twice before we offer a ... Read More
My Beef With Beef
There are few things I enjoy more than grilling up tasty steaks for a group of close friends, but red meat isn’t going to be ... Read More
Fighting Off Cyberscammers
Everyone is at risk of being scammed now. The recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline was a wakeup call for everyone in America. Ransomware is ... Read More
A Mother’s Comfort
Scientific American describes my mother to a T. An article titled "The Incredible Importance of Mothers," by social scientist Melanie Tannenbaum, lays out the argument that ... Read More
A Hunger for Normalcy
My recent trip to Florida was glorious for one simple reason: it was normal. You see, I had been hungering for a friendly social gathering ... Read More