Tom Purcell

Laughing your way to happiness
What makes us happy and fulfilled? According to the directors of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest scientific study of happiness ever conducted, ... Read More
The shameful return of earmarks
Earmarks are back and they’re costing American taxpayers a bundle. In case you’ve forgotten, earmarks, says, “are government funds that are allocated by a ... Read More
Hope is all we have
I’m filled with a renewed sense of hope all of the sudden. Truthfully, I don’t know why I feel such hopefulness. Last Friday I went ... Read More
Decking the malls with nostalgia
I read a great piece in the Tribune-Review about the nostalgia many Pittsburghers hold for their favorite old suburban shopping malls — especially around the ... Read More
Truth is, we like to be lied to
My dog Thurber has been lying to me. It only figures, because it’s impossible to avoid mistruths these days. We just exited a miserable election ... Read More