Bob Englehart

Hi, I'm Bob Englehart. Journalists are the first responders to corruption in government. And now, since the number of newspapers are dwindling, we've all found out what the results are when we LOSE those journalists...more corruption!  And here is where editorial cartoonists come in. We make a huge impact.

We get the ideas to you, the reader, visual sound bites. We expose characters and events in a way people understand.  We show attitude through body language...something writers can't do. With humor and absurdity we inspire readers to pursue the nuances of complex stories. Stories that impact your every day life.

My editorial cartoons reach people in deep and profound ways. One reader once told me he didn't know how he felt about a particular issue until he saw my cartoon. Another reader said she couldn’t cry about the death of a prominent citizen until she saw my obituary cartoon. Something in those cartoons reached them in a way that moving images or the written word did not.


I’m grateful to Daryl Cagle for this platform and for getting my work out to lots of people I’ll never meet. And I’m grateful to you for listening and supporting my work in whichever way feels comfortable to you.

Think of it this way. . .I draw editorial cartoons so you don’t have to!

--Bob Engelhart

Bob Englehart