There's a small bodega in my town that has a neon sign in the window. It says, "We forgive, but we don't forget." I feel the same way about John Boehner's attempt to change the Republican Party's violent rhetoric from the "job-killing" health care law to the "job crushing," or "job destroying" health care law. I'll forgive, but I won't forget and I'll stay with the original.

This repeal attempt is pure political theater to mollify the tea party voters who sent so many new conservatives to the House of Representatives. The savvy politicians know the repeal won't go anywhere because it'll be defeated in the Senate, and should it pass there, President Obama will veto it. The GOP doesn't have enough votes to override it, but it'll make them look like tough-guy heroes back home. Politicians must get down on their knees every night and thank God that people are so easy to manipulate.

Here's a great story that ran in The Courant  the other day that reports the economic impact repeal would have on Connecticut. We're just one small state. Multiply the totals by 50 and larger populations and you'll understand why Obamacare will remain the law of the land with possibly a little tweaking and a Supreme Court ruling against forcing people to buy health insurance.


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