Somebody pointed out in an article (maybe it was a letter to the editor) in The Courant the other day that Connecticut is losing influence in the Senate with the retirement of Joe Lieberman and the election of the newbie freshman, Richard Blumenthal. That could be in issue in the future. What if the sub base comes up for closure again? What about other federal dollars for education, mass transit and highways? We want our pork!

Blumey will have to make friends and influence people fast, not to mention our new Governor Dannel P. Malloy. The Gov will have to beat a path to the capital every chance he gets, unlike his predecessor who was a stay-at-home kinda gal.

Maybe an experienced politician with Washington friends already will best represent the state of Connecticut in the Senate. The idea of sending another unconnected neophyte to the capital does not sound very smart. We're going to need someone down there who doesn't have to start at square one.

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