Taxes, taxes, taxes. That's what we can look forward to. Taxes on everything that moves, sits, is sold or services rendered. It reminds me of the time before the state income tax when everything was taxed to the limit. After the state sales tax was enacted, most of those other taxes disappeared. That's how state government sold the income tax. 

Well, now we have a state income tax and all those other taxes are coming back. When are the Democrats going to wake up and raise the income tax on those trillionaires in Fairfield County? They can afford it more than we in the middle class can.

I had a thought while watching a snowplow scrape off a parking lot: All this talk about electric cars. How will a snowplow be electric? The incredible power needed to plow snow is beyond electric vehicles. Only gasoline, or diesel fuel can provide the muscle needed. Only the internal combustion engine can stand up to winter.

As much as I hate living with snow, I have to confess I love drawing it. It's fun to make a piece of winter art with a Wite-Out snowfall. 

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"Drawing Fire: Bob Englehart's 30 years at The Courant" at the Mark Twain House and Museum, Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 (snow date, February 10th.) It's a fundraiser for the Mark Twain House. Tickets are $15 per person. Reception from 5:30PM to 6:30 PM and the illustrated talk, suitable for all ages, is in the lecture hall at 6:45PM. For more information or to order tickets, call the Mark Twain House and Museum at 860-247-0998. 

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