Wall Street continues to prosper while people are still out of work and homes are being foreclosed. Big business has found the magic formula: how to make record amounts of money with as few Americans as possible while using foreign labor to fill in the gap. It's brilliant, actually.

I suggest Wall Street is encouraging everyone in this country to learn how to invest. Forget about about having any kind of a decent-paying job. Your job won't last, but if you know how to play the market in a sane, reliable, consistent manner, you won't need a job. I mean, who wants a job? This is America. We want to have fun.

Chinese people will supply the labor, the small investor will supply the capital, the usual one percent of Americans will make the megabucks and the rest of us will get by on a modest investment income. The only people actually doing something useful will be the electricians, computer repairers, auto mechanics, teachers (as long as they're teaching investing), plumbers, roofers, janitors, cooks and carpenters. 

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